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The introduction gives a clear overview of the paper. At the beginning of the paper the author makes it clear that the subject of discussion is ‘luck’. Precisely, the author mentions that “all aspects in our lives rely on some kind of good or bad luck.” This statement introduces the reader to the specific issue in the paper. Since the first few sentences of the introduction give a clear overview of the content of the paper, it is possible for the author to delete other parts of the introduction without losing the content’s meaning. By the end of the introduction a reader can easily see the direction of the paper. This is because in the introduction part the author gives a number of illustrations, indicating that many things that happen in life are beyond our control and they largely depend on luck.

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The paper has a very clear thesis statement, which has been placed prominently at the end of introductory paragraph. In fact, the thesis statement is very interesting since it provides room for disagreement, given the fact that different people have different perspectives. The thesis statement is more of a personal opinion. Therefore, a person with a different opinion may disagree with the author’s thesis statement by providing his/her opinion concerning the relationships between our moral competence and luck.The author of the paper does not explain any of the technical terms used in the paper. The author largely concentrates on giving illustrations of scenarios under discussion. Moreover, the paper does not indicate the source of the information. Even though much of the information seems to be the author’s opinions, it is clear that some information is based on opinions of other people. Therefore, the author ought to have cited the sources of such information. However, the author provides a clear explanation of facts used in the paper. Although the author does not cite the facts and questions used in the paper properly, he/she is very clear in representing the views of other writers fairly and accurately. The author does not seem to express the views of other writers as if they were his own. He/she expresses them accurately and properly, only that he/she does not cite them.

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The paper’s body concentrates on elaborating more about the author’s thesis statement. The thesis statement states that, ‘taking several different factors into account, our moral competence is mostly a matter of luck.’ In the body of the paper, the author gives various points supporting his/her thesis statement. Since all the points discussed by the author are directed towards supporting the thesis statement, there is a clear line from the beginning to the end of the paper. The author’s supporting statements for the thesis seems valid since he/she uses real life examples to support them.

From the paper, it is clear that, the author presents opposing views from other authors. For instance, in the second paragraph, the author states that, “some parents discuss which genes their children should inherit from them.” However, the author does not allow oppositions from other authors to raise objections to his/her own arguments. For instance, in the second paragraph, the author quickly objects the argument of other authors by stating that, “parents cannot chose, which genes their children should inherit”. Similarly, in paragraph three, the author quickly objects the view that people are judged on their values and believes, by stating that, “it is unfair for people to be morally judged based on factors beyond their control”. It is therefore clear that the author does not try to find common ground with the opposition from other authors.

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There are a few vague and fragmented sentences in the paper. For instance, in the third paragraph the author says, “People that lack certain virtues...” The word ‘that’ is not appropriate in this sentence. Other sentences are punctuated wrongly. The paper is also relatively repetitive, especially in paragraphs one, four and six. Therefore, the author can delete the repeated words, while still maintaining the content’s meaning. However, the author’s choice of words is very good. He/she does not use jargons or words with intentions of hiding meanings. The author’s words are clear and direct.

The author concludes his/her paper by restating the thesis statement and summarizing the main points of the paper. The author does not divert from the main topic, neither does he/she introduce new ideas at the end of the discussion. Therefore, conclusion is properly structured.

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