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Review of Food Inc

‘Food inc,’ an American movie by Robert Kenner, attempts to shed light on the nature of America’s Farming Industry. Robert paints a picture of a farming industry controlled by cartels who have managed to manipulate and attain the regulatory node of the government agencies. From the movies’ perspectives, these cartels have only one motive in running the farming industry—profit. As such, the welfare of the American farmer, the consumer’s health, the environment and the safety of the worker are all taken for granted in seeking to fulfill this motive. However, one thing remains clear; in modern day America food has become cheap and available more than any time in the history of this great nation (Dargis, Para 1).

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Today, American citizens miss a meal based on their cost. From grocery to supermarkets in the United States, unprecedented varieties of food items lay on top of each other. From a personal perspective, the presence of even foreign foods in the local American market has made fast foods a dominant culture over the traditional dinner table. This has, in effect, compromised the nation’s health, and the current prevalence rate among the US citizens is evidence that is agreed upon. Watching ‘Food Inc’ makes one appreciate how numerous developments in the contemporary American society have been intertwined to make a double cheeseburger cheaper than a pound of broccoli (Bunch, Para 2). It is extremely easy to view ‘Food Inc’ as leaning on one side because of the absence caused by companies like Tyson Foods and Monsanto. However, a look at how Mr. Kenner, the filmmaker, treated the multinational giant food company; Wal-Mart has some justification. Although Wal-Mart is considerably criticized criticized the global arena, Kenner’s opinion of the multinational is to the contrary. In his movie, he depicts this multinational as OK due to its connection with companies based in Arkansas which use organic daily products. While this issue is debatable, it can be seen to have a strong basis (Dargis, Para 4).

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While it is apparent that Kenner could have gone deeper in addressing this multinational corporation, his film his film is a classical pointer to real and fundamental question among the members of the American Society; as far as the food industry is concerned, which role the government should play (Bunch, Para 5). After watching ‘Food Inc’, one has to conclude that the government is intentionally providing subsidies to food product that is likely to generate food-borne ailment. An apparent question of which organ between the government and these companies is powerful arises. Considering that the health of the general public is at stake, the production and subsequent supply of food items should not be left to an outfit in the society whose only motivation is making money (Bunch, Para 3).

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While a lot of questions can be easily directed to the government and one simply make a conclusion that those in command have relaxed regulatory authority on this matter, personal conscience has also been questioned in this movie. This widespread culture of eating fast foods is partly to blame for the high prevalence of diabetes in the United States. At the end of the day, eating at a place like Berger King is a totally voluntary action. In a nutshell, another approach of countering this menace instigated by fast foods is exercising discipline in our eating habits (Bunch, 6).

In conclusion, ‘Food Inc’ is a movie every person in the United States should make a point of watching. In the midst of a society with unprecedented prevalence late of lifestyle diseases and abundant food supplies, this movie draws a vivid picture of the major players in the American food landscape. Mr. Kenner, however, fails to point out other possible clauses of diabetes like genetic factors, and change in the environment among others.

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