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Strategy Seven

Strategy seven discusses different methods for creating analogies and new ideas through association. The first method discussed is using parallel worlds. The advantage of this method is that there is a large number of possible associations, therefore, one does not need to settle with the first image. The framework can be used in smaller discussion groups, to allow them rephrase the problem, choose their own keywords to be associated with ten unrelated expression. Creating random connections and then refining them will help people communicate and create individual, innovative ideas.

The World of Essences technique is used to enhance individuals’ relationships with universals, instead of particulars. Working with principles and essences will allow researchers and students to reflect on the “big picture” instead of associating qualities with different things automatically. Thomas Edison had a talent to identify the core of the problem. Therefore, instead of the whole sentence, participants should focus on the main key word, problem or activity.

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The Worlds of Special Interest method uses the technique of transferring ideas from one person’s special interest area to the problem. The technique consists of an initial activity of listing special interest concepts, describing it in great detail and drawing analogies. The following brainstorming methods: The Worlds of Images, World of Einstein and World of Imagination use a similar method of drawing analogies between ideas and concepts.

The end part of the study discusses advanced techniques, such as Sand Tray: choosing random items and organizing them, just like Creative Colleges. The Metaphor Walk is an innovative method to look for objects within the workplace or home that can be related to the subject. On return, metaphors are created and principles transferred. Photo walk is form of metaphoric walk, using visual metaphors.

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Reviewing the different strategies, it is important to check whether or not they are suitable for use at classroom and group brainstorming sessions. The Methods: Worlds of Special Interest and Parallel Worlds are the methods that can be the most suitable for these activities. We have selected them based on the level of involvement required by the group’s members and the detailed frameworks described. Using the Parallel Worlds concept would enable the group to find a different approach by rephrasing the problem and contributing towards the key words list. The parallel words will allow the group members to realize connections and finding analogies between seemingly unrelated expressions. For example, we can ask the group to discuss “better school environment”. The group will be asked to rephrase the problem, like: “relaxing atmpsphere in class” They can come up with one or two keywords, depending on the size of the group. They might be related to appearance, atmosphere or even the quality of equipment. By using several unrelated parallel words, they will get new ideas from the study.

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The World of Essences method would allow the group to reflect on the essence of the problem, instead of its characteristics. This technique would use analogies, just like the Words of special interest, however, we will not focus on one interest area solely but methods and processes. If we look at a problem, like “gaining trust among new customers” we can take the word: “trust” to analyze. The meaning of the word can be determined by putting it into different contexts, and therefore, gaining a stronger relationship with the essence of the problem itself. It would be beneficial to practice both techniques within the same group, using the same problem, to be able to find out which one proves to be more effective creating new and relevant ideas. The level of involvement during the Word of Special Interest session would possibly be higher, however, the efficiency can only be measured through results.

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