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The film Dream by Akira Kurosawa is an interesting collection of eight dream series which Akira has confessed to be replicas of his real dream. In majority of these dreams that makes up the film, Akira delves in the darker side of human nature just like in majority of his previous works. For instance, in "Sunshine through the Rain", young I defies the advice of his seniors and gets out in the forest only for him to be punished harshly for that. The human disrespect for nature is another theme of this film that Akira explores in this film (William, 2003). A good example of this can be found in the "Orchard" where we see dolls getting upset after the family cuts all the trees in the orchard, and as if that is not enough we see them (the family) dancing gracefully in a procession further reinforcing the contempt with which they take dolls complaint (William, 2003).

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In the "The Tunnel", we witness the hypocrisy of a military commander who has witnessed the complete massacre of his whole regiment returning from the Second World War. It is on his way back home that he encounters his ghostly comrades whom he persuades to give up their march with him simply because they are ghost who are not supposed to accompany him back home. Another favorite topic of Akira that he explores in this film is that of human arrogance and shortsightedness of science and the danger that humanity fails to consider in its pursuit of nuclear technology (William, 2003). An extension of that arrogance and danger that inform nuclear technology can be found in the dream "Demon". From this dream Akira's hatred for nuclear technology and its attendant danger, not to mention humanity indifference on the same is put in to perspective. Lastly, In Village of the Watermill", Akira propagates for a simple life and the serenity that it brings to humanity which unfortunately is not what majority of humanity opts (William, 2003).

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Natsume Soseki's interpretation of human nature in his work 'Kokoro'

Despite his wisdom and the attendant respect the all-wise Sensei as a strong disdain for humanity, in fact he is suicidal, isolated, lonely, and depressed (Schneider, 2010). Her father on the other hand who is not so much in to books, as he can be heard saying that education is a way of separating children from their parent, manages to live a full life up until a point he is overtaken by illness. His father even acknowledges the pride of seeing his son clear school, a feeling that he does not share with his son. This however does not make the son a bad person, because such feeling are shared by many kids in their prime who are always reluctant to realize and appreciate the importance of their parent until that time when they are gone. This therefore according to the author is a human nature that is hard to change.

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Dishonesty is a human nature that is discussed in this book. This is found in the instance where we see Sensei being ripped-off his inheritance by his uncle when he is still young. From that dishonesty came distrust which is a thing that Sensei perfects after realizing that human being are not good enough to be trusted (Schneider, 2010). This is precisely the same reason why Sensei is reluctant to open up for Okusan and his ilk after renting a room from them. Jealousy is another human nature that is captured perfectly in the book. This is better exhibited by Sensei's childhood friend who commits suicide after Sensei proposes first to a girl they both loved. The death of his friend K is a big blow to Sensei who carried that guilt conscience for a long period during his life. This guilt conscience is so strong that it makes Sensei contemplate suicide in a kind of an "eye for an eye" scenario (Schneider, 2010). This shows that human beings have a very strong conscience as part of their human nature.

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