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Review of Three Companies


This paper will cover an overview if three selected international companies and critical issues concerning PLOC will be looked at and how they might apply to each company. The companies to be reviewed in this paper are the Starbucks Corporation, Nestle and Tesco Companies.

Nestle review

Nestle company was founded by Henri Nestle in 1866 and its head quartered in Switzerland. It's a food processing industry it is the world's largest company of consumer packaged goods. The company operates in 86 countries around the world and it's renowned as the world leading nutrition and health based company. It grows it product line through innovation and renovation while maintaining its geo-environmental activities and product lines. Nestl‚ is proud owner of more than 6,000 brands, with a wide range of products in various markets. Its product range include: Nescafe, chocolates, bottled water, ice creams, infant foods, performance and healthcare nutrition, seasonings, frozen and refrigerated food items, confectionery and pet care nutrition items. The company gives priority to long term performance rather than short term by bringing relevant products to its consumers based on their needs that prove valuable through out their lives. It has been consistently ranked as largest bottled water corporation that operates in an environmental friendly manner. It's the world's biggest ice-cream producer, having a market had a share of approximately 17.5% in 2006. It's managed by both the executive board complemented by board of directors (Schwarz, 2002).

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Starbucks review

This is an international coffee house founded in 1971 and it's known for being the most powerful coffee provider with an environment that features a clean and warm experience for customers its Starbucks is the world's largest coffeehouse company with over 17,800 stores globally and is operating in approximately 50 countries The Company operates both as a retailer and licensed. Has a diversified product range which exists as a strong force and core of the business is more than 30 blends of coffee, freshly baked food, other hot and cold beverages as well as provide merchandize. The company has a strong Board with a strong financial foundation (Michelli, 2006).

Tesco review

Tesco is a global general merchandising retailer and also sells grocery and its head offices are in Chestnut, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen and has an experience of over 90 years in the industry. When the company is measured by revenues, it's the world's third largest retailer and measured by its profits it's the second largest after Wall-mart. It has operates its stores in more than 14 countries across Europe, Asia and North America (Simms, 2007). It has a market share of 30% in the United Kingdom and it's the leader. It has diversified both geographically and by range of its products into areas like electronics, home ,health, telecoms, financial services, software, internet services, clothing, car, dental insurances and music downloads. Tesco united Kingdom has six formats which are subdivided from the stores depending on their sizes, range of products sold and they include One-Stop, Tesco metro, Tesco extra, Tesco express, Tesco home plus and Tesco superstores, and Tesco has expanded to international operations by its strategy of continuously being in position of responding to the needs in the market which has the company has tried to meet such arising needs by seeking joint ventures with other local partners. Tesco Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol TSCO; on the Irish Stock Exchange as TESCO PLC and in the NASDAQ under the symbol TESO (Tesco, 2008).

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I propose you select Starbucks because it is the was recently founded but it has managed to expand its operations to than 50 countries hence it's worth learning more on its secrets to the tremendous success in the short time span.

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