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Role Model Review

In the modern society, people have varying worldviews about the people considered as role models. Christian, atheist, secular, humanistic and naturalistic worldviews are some of the basis on which role models are chosen, Waters (2010). Role models affect the lives of the youth in the society. They can shape the views, actions and ideas of the young people in the society. This is because; role models help young people to discern their future aspirations. In this connection, role models have great influence on the lives of the youth. According to Hoedel (2005), role models need to be positive because they are responsible for instilling good moral values to the young people.

Martin Luther king is one of the people considered role models, Mervyn (2001). Martin Luther king fought against discrimination and poverty in America and set a way for equal rights in America. He also made sure that both white and black Americans enjoyed equal rights. This was a good ways of driving away poverty among the black Americans and ensuring that discrimination ended. In his efforts to drive away poverty and discrimination in America, martin Luther had a feeling that everyone has the capability to cause difference in the world. To make difference in the world, determination is very essential. Therefore, people ought to have determination in order to cause difference in the world.

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I choose Martin Luther as a role model because his determination shows the youth how they should live. He shows the youth that they should be determined to make difference in whatever they consider right and good. Moreover, he also shows the youth that it is possible for a single person to make difference in life. All what we require to make difference in life is determination in whatever we are doing, Hoedel (2005). The other observation I have made in choosing Luther as a role model is that he sets good examples to the youth by teaching them to fight discrimination and pave way for economic growth by ending poverty in the society. He has also set a good example of being determined and that is why I choose him as a role model.

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Martin Luther king has demonstrated good value and actions as a role model. First, he has shown people that they need determination in all they are doing, Mervyn (2001). His determination helped him to end discrimination and poverty America. Likewise, martin Luther also sets a good role model by proving to the youth that one can make a difference on his/her own. To contrast his principle of working alone, I feel that Martin Luther king should show people that it is necessary to unite with others to achieve effectiveness in all that we do.

I can choose Martin Luther king as a role model. I like the teachings he offers to people especially the young people. He helps people to understand the need of being determined in whatever we do. More so, he also helps us to avoid discriminating other people. According to him, we need to ensure that we all have equal rights in the society. I choose martin Luther as a role model because his lessons can help to improve the society by ending discrimination and poverty in the society. Moreover, the actions of Luther help to set good examples to the young people and that is why I can choose him as a role model.

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