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The Future of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a health training course that involves administering and giving of curing medicines that must be safe to the patient. Pharmacist must also be very good in administering the curative drugs. It involves various learning stages through the guidance of qualified health professionals. Before taking this course one may think it is a bed of roses but there are many things to be learnt.(Gourley, 2010)

One of the major aspects learnt is on how to interpret the information written by clinical officer on how the patient should take the medicine. This information includes symbols that one must be familiar with in order to know what they mean and make sure one is given the best medication. This will enhance patient safety as the good medical subscription was given. Failure to interpret information well is bound to subject the patient to risks due to bad medication given. To enhance this internship is always given to gain experience.

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Learning various types of pharmacy fields is another core thing that a pharmacist should learn. This has various advantages as one will make important decision on what type of pharmacy should one specialize in. Internet pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy and community pharmacy are various types of pharmacy field. This is quite important since one will decide on which field to specialize in. This for sure enhances the patient safety since patient will be attended by the pharmacist who has great knowledge of the health problem. Proper medication drugs will be given hence quick recovery.

Pharmacist should also learn various types of diseases and their symptoms. This is another field that one must learn in order to be a genuine qualified pharmacist. Introduction of this field assist in knowing the best medicines and for which disease. As just an ordinary person without any knowledge of drugs to diseases relationship it will be very hard to know what to drugs to administer to a person for example suffering from malaria. Once equipped with this knowledge preventing break out of various diseases in the community become great. This is great when it come to the patient safety since proper medicines will be given according to the symptoms of the diseases suffered from. For example if one is suffering from malaria, examination is done and the best curative medicines are given and side effects of those drugs should be communicated to the patient. (Jr., 2008)

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Based on today's improvement in knowhow, pharmacy practices are going far in term of administering, distribution and dispensing of drug. It's coming a time where machines can be used to count pills and pack them in safety cans for storage and for safer distribution. There will be a dynamic change where the pharmacist will be reminding his patient to take drug either through messages or emails. Pharmacist of future will be providing clinical care to the patient no matter how much things they are working on. They will be managing the patient medication and even ensure proper process of distribution. Since there are so many drugs that if not well cared for may pose bad side effects to the patient, pharmacist will be required to spend most of time counseling the patient otherwise they will lose contact with them or even their subscription. Due to improvement in IT some companies will be selling software and hardware to increase efficiencies in managing flow of work within the chemist.(Meszaros, 2009)

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Medication Therapy Management is a service that can be provided by pharmacist at the clinic to their patient. They include vigorous analysis of patient medication such as prescription, non-prescription and herbal. There will be reconciliation between the patient and the pharmacist that increase patient wellbeing and decrease cost of care system. Each pharmacist's care toward the patient will be transmitted and documented using technology such as Electronic Healthy Record. Pharmacists will be integrated body as long as patient is put into consideration. This record is permanent compared to today's record of written document which is threatened by many challenges.

Also pharmacy practices will take its root where various automatic vending machines will be located in various cities to dispense drugs to patient. These machines should be placed in a place where they cannot cause traffic jam and be well programmed to avoid misuse of drugs by individuals. Layout of pharmacy will change to appear so conspicuous in order to attract more customers. Pharmacy will be fitted with surveillance to enhance security it. Telecommunication will be improved to increase touch between the pharmacist, doctors and the physicians. Pharmacists will be delivering drugs to patients who are unable to walk and get access to the pharmacy.

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Due to the goals set by the united nation one of them being to eradicate diseases and make people get access to medicinal drugs by 2015 these changes might have been achieved but it will depend on how much the whole world is working toward achieving them. Despite all these great changes that might occur in pharmacy practices society might be affected positively or negatively. Positively in the sense that most patient will be getting enough access to the drugs and appropriate counseling from the pharmacist will be given. This will improve the society health and wealth since they will be able to work once diseases are diagnosed early and treated. The record in the hospital will be systematically kept because the use of EHR. This will reduce people from the society to carry record of their treatment all through.

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Society will also be affected negatively in that most of them might be misusing drugs from automation machines. People will be at risk of being affected by these drugs since they will be taking them without the pharmacist subscriptions. Most of such drugs might be addictive and affect proper functioning of mind which brings immoral practices such as rape, theft and other crime in the society. Most pharmacists might spend a lot of time counseling some people more than the other; this might put patient at risk that requires more attention than others leading to the point of death. This means losing important people in the society. Technology as always said is like a two ended sword with both advantage and disadvantages hence some time if it crash or fail to function may lead to wrong dispensing of drugs to patients hence risking their life.

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