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Prior Socialization Survey

How can I help my self socialize well? Some times the virtual workplace can produce felling of isolations and loneliness when you are just starting out as an intern these are because of change in the workplace. These feeling can lead to a lot of trouble and performance anxieties in the workplace. Socialization will help workers to solve this. It is an important process which helps new comers to feel comfortable and secure working in the workplace. Socialization process will include all resources that an organization helps workers in socializing employees. It can include role of supervisors and peers, through conversations and the way workers answer feedback and advices (Clausen, 1968).

Socialization also includes strategies that newcomers use to learn about the values of their workplace. The work culture may include dressing code where every employee in the workplace is supposed to dress in suit or official form. If one is not familiar with this work culture, he or she may end up experiencing a lot of difficulties before coping up. Where the employee meets members of the workplace, he or she will receive an orientation, practices and ace metamorphosis stage where the work has learn to promote and support the organization either informal or formal (Clausen, 1968).

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Cause of change could be oral socialization which is also called informal socialization; it is through question and answers, interviews and through simple conversations. The second one is through formal socialization. A work is subjected to training programs, employee handbooks and official meetings to discuss organization policies and procedures. These changes have help workers to fall in line with organization style. Also reading a lot of company materials will help you draft you own work (Clausen, 1968).

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