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Sociological Perspective Paper

Kath and Kim is famous situational comedy that was created and written by Jane Turner and Gina Riley who are also the title characters as mother and daughter. The main characters are Kath, who is a mother in a semi urban locality and Kim (her daughter with dysfunctional marriage. Kath is a divorce who is in her fifties and her daughter Kim is in her twenties. Kath is a neat mother but her daughter is a self indulgent ever complaining fashion victim who cannot stay in peace with her husband. Later on, Kath marries Kel Knight but she does not enjoy her late marriage life due to disturbances from her daughter Kim who keeps coming home after having conflicts with her husband (Riley & Turner, 2007).Later on Kim and her husband give birth to a son who dominates last episodes of the comedy as an adult.

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Social conflict perspective basically explains how some people in the society have the ability to dominate others or resist to such domination. According to theorists of this perspective Kath and her daughter could be viewed as a representation of how different individuals resist to be dominated by others. In this case, Kath wants to dominate her daughter by giving her guidelines on how to live a decent life as a woman and secure her relationship with her husband. On the other hand, Kim resists to be dominated by a mother and she is ever complaining. Any time she disagrees with her husband Kim is seen to park her belongings and returns to her mother's house (Riley & Turner, 2007).

Ethnomethodology is a sociological perspective that studies how people make sense out of their social in the process of living it hence becoming responsible people in their future lives. Theorists of this perspective could have viewed Kim as representation of individuals who have made sense out of their social lives. Initially Kim is seen as irresponsible troublesome young woman but later on she settles down with her husband and lives happily with their son.

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