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In the last time, the fact of hiring discrimination and stereotype in the workplace has declined. Though the discrimination still exists in life and work and develops into intricate type, HR-managers have to protect people against discrimination and stereotypes in our society.

Many years ago a tattoo was thought to be a sign of a gang member, but nowadays it is a part of some cultures. Today a person with a tattoo can be respected and considered adequate member of the society. In spite of this fact, this does not mean that HR-managers treat well towards tattoo and piercing as an appropriate attributes to definite dress code. Discrimination is out of the law, but most of employers still discriminate those employees who have tattoos, piercings and something like that. At the same time, if a person intends to work, he or she has to follow the dress code of the firm he or she works in. For example, it is not applicable if a person wears inappropriate beach clothes in the office. The same relates to piercing and tattoos. The employers have just cause to establish a dress code for their firm. If an employee has piercing on the body, the employer can require taking the related jewelry off while at work time. In case the employee cannot get rid of a tattoo, the boss may demand to cover the tattoo during working time. If the worker, despite definite demands, does not want to follow the dress code rules of the company, the director has just cause to fire such person.

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Talking about discrimination, it is important to say that not only people who stand out with their tattoo bodies and piercings are discriminated. Today gay, lesbian and transgender individuals keep facing discrimination in the workplace. Many stories show that transgender people are exposed to unfair attitude more than others. Gay people from 15 percent to 43 percent were discriminated for their orientation. They face harassment at their work. However, a large quantity, approximately 90 percent of transgender employees told about the cases of disrespect and mistreatment at their workplace. (Burns, C., & Krehely, J., 2011). Therefore, this abuse at the workplace submits concrete and direct threat to the economic security of persons who are different from others. Transgender people, as a rule, have hard time handling with the traditional work, due to the set norms that limit the roles expected from them. Among working coworkers, the category of LGBT people, especially transgender persons, may feel a lot of teasing and harassment from their colleagues. This discrimination decreases the emotional level of workers who have such features. Bosses try to avoid transgender applicants while vacancies are actual because the discrimination among fellows leads to varying conflicts and fanning the situation among personnel. It is worth noting that all people are different and they have to be treated as they deserve. If a transgender individual responds the requirements of his or her work and works hard without conflicts, is positive and respects people around, such individual deserves a job. Most important thing is that transgender person should have the workplace where he or she feels well and where there is less negative atmosphere for mistreatment.

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In order to deal with discrimination, we need a twofold procedure. This means to be competent with regard to antidiscrimination legislation and to be attentive to what is going on in the company. Every person in a company performs certain function, from the young specialist to the boss. If anyone cannot respect the work someone else is doing, then it is a subtle shape of discrimination. Despite the functions and duties people perform, they should treat each other with due respect, as well as they expect to be well-treated by the surrounding persons. That is the best and the easiest way to eradicate discrimination and stereotypes in all fields.

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