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Dominant Cultures

There are several contrasts between subcultures and dominant cultures. The difference between sub-cultures and the dominant ones lies in the figures. What the mainstream persons in a culture have in common is used as a foundation of defining the culture as dominant (Baack, 2012). The small number defines the subculture. For instance, in the United States, the larger population is very familiar with Rock music comprising the dominant culture. Still, there are individuals who love specific styles within the Rock music, like the rockabilly. Such persons form the subculture in the wide Rock culture. Subcultures can be said to be the varying that come out of the dominant cultures. Such subcultures share many similarities with the cultures that are dominant. Another contrast of subcultures and dominant cultures is the counter values. Counter values can be explained as the differences in opinions that come from a few persons in a culture who feel that the culture they belong to has wrong values. For example, the majority of people in the United States believe that same sex marriages are wrong. But there are people, although few, who strongly feel that it is right.

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It is vital to comprehend the culture impact in the workplace or in the society as a whole. The culture a person belongs to defines his or her faith. It follows that the best way to handle an individual is to know what they believe. Working against what they believe is right would automatically cause chaos. I demonstrated culture understanding by calming my classmates who had been engaged in a dispute over which music was the best. I told them that we are different and that each person feels different and thus, we cannot have a specific method to define which music is the best. We belong to different cultural backgrounds. It is good that as human beings we understand the diversity of various cultures we come from. Clear knowledge of the diversity would help stop the enmity created everyday as a result of different cultural backgrounds.

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When it comes to diversity embracing, clear state of the mind is vital. The best path is to ensure that the behavior, mind and perception are altered. The alteration should be to make people look at each other as humans who have their feelings and right to share opinions. Stereotypes and propaganda must be kept aside. It is also good to understand why the individuals of a different culture think the way they think.

The liking of persons who are the business of experiment studies to change or improve the conduct being assessed only because they are under study, and not as a result of alterations in the experimental items or stimulus. The Hawthorne Effect refers to the idea that workers will change their performance as a result of being observed.

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The studies of Hawthorne is incorporated in the today functions of human resource through the understanding that the employees would improve their productivity the moment they discover that somebody was concerned about them. They would work better after realizing that concern. The main idea of conducting the Hawthorne study was provided rationally for individuals in the organizations. The components of the study of Hawthorne have had an impact on me in both my past and my present. I have come to an understanding that apart from the physical conditions changing to make employees improve productivity, there is also the psychological aspect of it. The physical conditions include the fact that the workers are bound to work more by simply understanding that somebody is watching them. The aspect of looking at them as they work would make them change the speed at which they work.

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