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Stress in Your Everyday Life




Question 1

Think about how you deal with stress in your everyday life. Describe how you manage stress during and at the end of the day

Each of us is faced with many forms of stress on a day-to-day basis. How we deal with these stressful situations defines our day. In my case, I deal with stress in my everyday life by spending time with people who care about me and whom I care about. I manage my daily stress by being positive about myself and keeping away from haters. Sometimes I just listen to good music from my stereo which keeps my adrenaline high. At the end of the day, I always look forward to having a great time with my loving family. They always keep me going, despite anything that could have been stressing me during the day.

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Answers to follow-up questions

I have people that I seek to be around when I am dealing with stress. My spouse is among them and encourages me and makes me feel good about myself. I also like to be around my mother because she pampers me with her love. I seek to be away from my boss at work who can sometimes be an uncaring bother.

There are no specific foods that I enjoy when dealing with stress. However, I like having a strong coffee because of the adrenaline rush that comes with its consumption. I do not have any specific drink that I avoid when dealing with stress. However, I generally have less appetite for fatty foods and carbohydrates.

I normally have a couple of glasses of red wine when dealing with stress. This helps me to cool down and feel less burdened with the stress. I often prefer sharing the drink with my friends.

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I prefer listening to soft music when dealing with stress. I particularly prefer songs by Celine Dion which keep me strong. I also listen to a lot of gospel music, particularly by Michael Smith; it always encourages me and makes me feel stronger.

When I am dealing with stress, I prefer putting on clothes that are not too tight. I particularly like bright colors, such as pink and purple. These colors give me a lot of attention which makes me feel good about myself.

Working out and dancing always help me deal with stress. These two activities cause an adrenaline rush in my body which helps me feel happy and excited. In fact, I participate in these activities until I drench in sweat, which makes me feel good.

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Religious gatherings are particularly important to me when dealing with stress. People in these gatherings always have encouraging words and encounters which keep me going. I compare my story with those of other people and feel encouraged.

Window shopping has never been my thing. I do not go for window shopping when I am dealing with stress.

Question 2

Think about the times in your everyday life when you need or are expected to be happy, energetic or otherwise upbeat. This could be for a job, a class, a type of social event a social group or relationship (i.e. a group of friends or a particular family member). List and briefly describe these scenarios and relationships and why you think you need or are expected to be upbeat. Then describe the different ways you motivate or psych yourself for these situations.

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When we are having a job excursion, I am always expected to be upbeat and psyched up and energetic. This is in line with the objectives of the excursion to socialize and interact with my colleagues. I psych myself for these situations by keeping my friends around me at all times. Sometimes I play some good music during the activities to psych myself.

Follow up answers for question 2

When I want to feel energetic, I seek to be around my friends. They always have something up their sleeves which make these moments fun and worthwhile. I avoid my bosses in such moments, hoping to avoid victimizations.

I consume fast foods when going for such occasions. These foods provide me with energy to keep me going when taking part in the activities involved in these situations. I always have with me a few energy drinks to take as I participate in these activities. They provide the much needed energy.

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Rock music particularly excites me when I am participating in activities such as excursions. I particularly always have with me a collection of Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift. These collections keep me psyched up and excited the whole time.

My preference of clothes are determined by the particular occasion. For instance, I prefer my casuals, particularly jeans and a t-shirt, when participating in a job excursion. These clothes keep me relaxed at all times and enable me to participate in a wide scope of activities.

Dancing and working out always go a long way in making me feel psyched up and energetic. These activities make my body feel free and make me more active. I always feel excited after engaging in these activities.

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I have no particular social activities that I avoid intentionally when looking to be psyched up.

I also do not participate in window shopping. This particular activity does not excite or interest me at all.




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