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The Changes in Gender Roles

In the past, women have had their place in the family. The society had certain roles for all its members according to gender. For example, women's roles included cooking, washing, childcare and the overall organization of a home. On the other hand, men's work involved providing for the family through hunting or going to work. However, there are a lot of changes that have happened in the society. This involves the changing gender roles, where men and women's roles have been changed. Nevertheless, the employment of women has an effect on the family and the workplace.

One of the impacts of women employment on work is divorce. This is as result of the arguments that arise in the family associated with work. Employed women also earn money as the men folk. Therefore, their dependence on the men drastically reduces. Since the men are socialized to provide for the family, they find this as a challenge. They feel that their ego is threatened in a way. Consequently, they end up fighting over power sharing; hence leading to a divorce. Working class women do not tolerate their men's complains and a sense of authority. Therefore, they opt to get out of their marriages by divorce (Krull et al 49).

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Another issue that results in divorce is that working women tend to concentrate more on the job than the family. Some could be managers and always needed to attend meetings that could take many days. This way, they get little time to attend to the family needs. Subsequently the family suffers in various ways, for example, the husbands feel neglected. Thus, infidelity arises, which in turn, compromise the marriage. At this point, either of the spouses opts for a divorce. Moreover, working women are reported to have sexual affairs with the bosses. This happens when one needs to be promoted or to be considered for a certain job. Employers, who are mostly men, take advantage of the women's vulnerability; hence, they lure them to sexual affairs that eventually break their marriages.

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Furthermore, working women who are unmarried may end up remaining single. This is because they feel so independent that they do not require any male assistance in their lives. Some opt to become single mothers by engaging in sexual relationships with other married men. Thus, this affects the latter's marriages sine they cheat on their spouses (Sheehan 50). Moreover, this arrangement alters the societal norms and traditions. The children raised by single mothers tend to be indifferent to men. They also carry on their mothers' legacy when they grow up; they will also remain single.

Additionally, employment of women has also affects the growth of children if the women are married. Under normal circumstances, women should take care of the children from the tie they are born till they become independent. Nevertheless, most of the working women leave their children under the care of the nannies. Some take them to day care centers where the children are brought up by professional. Consequently, the children grow up without their mothers' touch. They miss the values that the mothers should instill in them; hence, their lives and perspective towards the society change (Chan 86). Most of them become rebellious in life for the mothers never taught them moral values. Others involve themselves in substance abuse, which results in dropping out of school and criminal cases due to bad company.

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More so, women employment is reported to affect the women's fertility. This, in turn, affects child-bearing among the women folk who desire to have children. This is because the women's attention and concentration is fully turned towards job satisfaction rather than child bearing. Subsequently, the woman's anatomy is altered in that they fail to bear children at the normal time. This could also lead to health complications, such as development of fibroids. Some of the women decide to advance in their studies so as to fit in a certain job position or specialization. As a result, their lifestyles and perspective toward the family and children change (Pasque 104).

In addition, women's employment will result in superiority of women over men in the respective families. This happens when the women hold senior positions in their work places. This alters the societal norm of the women's position n the family. The women fail to submit to their husbands as they feel that they have equal significance in the family economy. This often leads to straining of the relationship; hence divorce.

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On the other hand, women's employment affects the family and work positively. Firstly, women have proved to be effective in their duties and responsibilities. They are capable of efficiently handling their job and family responsibilities. Statistics show that working class women are more focused and organized than the employed women. This is due to the limited time they have for each responsibility. As a result, they succeed both in their families and work places (Teller et al 80).

Secondly, working women perform well at home because they value the family due to the limited time they get to spend with it. Such women tend to work hard towards doing the best for their families. Although they are not always in touch with the families, they maximally attend to them when an opportunity arises. This, in turn, enhances a positive relationship in the family.

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Thirdly, women in the labor force improve their families' economic status since they contribute to the family income. Consequently, the family responsibilities such as children's education and healthcare are adequately addressed. Moreover, their living standards also improve due to consistent cash flow. Subsequently, the families develop a high esteem; hence higher productivity than the families with poor living standards (Chan 86).

Fourthly, working women tend to ear children with more developed cognition than those of the unemployed women. The children, especially the daughters, have well defined career paths, higher academic achievements, advanced career choices, higher occupational commitment than those of the unemployed mothers. This is because they have the mothers as the best role models and they tend to perform better than them.

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Fifthly, these children of the working class mothers have a higher I.Q than those whose mothers are not in the labor force. Also, the children of the working mothers have non-traditional gender role. They believe in gender equality and hence they do not have stereotypes. Moreover, the daughters of the working women are more independent and have higher self-esteem than those whose mothers' air unemployed. Consequently, they are capable of handling any amount of peer pressure (Teller et al 80).

Sixthly, working class women tend to be productive in their work places. They are more committed to their work than the men folk. Therefore, most of them are elevated to higher job positions. Also, such women are more trust worthy in that they do not easily get caught in immoral practices such as corruption and embezzlement of company funds. Therefore, there excellent performance results in the company's prosperity ad achievement of their set goals.

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In conclusion, women employment has more negative impact on the family and work, than the positive impact. Therefore, I support the statement that the women employment has negative effects to the family welfare. Some of the negative effects include struggle for power, women superiority, changing roles, lack o companionship, inadequate attention to the family, divorce due to differences and delayed child bearing and infertility due to delay. Therefore, should the women employment be banned in the society?

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