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Today’s Society

Today’s society has been condemned for its lack of social skills and etiquette. Today’s youth is highly influenced by technology, social networks and the media. Today’s generation has been generalized as one that lacks in all the good qualities that our parents claim to posses. We are condemned for being casuals in all matters of life; lacking is public etiquette and social skills such as communication. Having good social and public etiquette is considered an asset for the few. The rest of us are termed as hooligans and liabilities whose only hope of deliverance is rehabilitation and scolding. Is the scale for right or wrong a fair standard to use on this generation taking into consideration the changes in time? Our parents who claim to have social and public etiquette must have used the same scale. Our parents must have faced the same type of stereotypes that is being faced by today‘s youth. Their parents must have had a similar scale to judge their children; present day parents.

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It is important to observe tradition and manners that have been established from such systems in tradition. However the change in time calls for the change in manners and the way things are done. Not all the things done by our parents are right. Thing such as bowing while addressing the elderly may have been seen as the best ways of showing humility but the same humility can be shown in ways such as addressing the seniors by the formal title. Keeping tradition is important so far as it does not contradict the changes in present day systems. Understanding traditions enables us to understand the root of different types of mannerisms.

The older generation faced similar stereotypes. Behaviours such as extra marital affairs and drug and substance abuse did exist. They did not lack in elements that were incapable of holding formal conversations, lacking in social skills. These among many others are the standards used to gauge if one has or lacks in social kills and etiquette. The older generation were not much different form present day youth the difference is that present day youth is being influenced by technology. Thus, the standards for gauging social discourse should be changed to allow for the change in technology. The older generation shaped the laws and the codes of conduct expected of today’s generation. It was only until they grew older that they became aware that their actions were not right. Thus, the right thing for them to do is teach and model the younger generation instead of reprimanding the young people. The young generation is not a lost on, they are just adapting to the changes technology. It is without a doubt that even our parents would have acted in a similar manner had they been exposed to the same conditions as we are.

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The presentation of anti social behaviour may differ from that in our parents’ time. An example would be the lack of social skills where individuals communicate via social sites thus lack in skills of face-to-face conversations. Other anti social mannerisms such as texting while holding a conversation must have been presented in a different manner by the older generation. What the older generation ought to do is educate the youth on etiquette taking into consideration the changes in time. This needs to be done with tolerance.

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