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Question 5: Hospice Care

Hospice care is necessary for the terminally ill patients and their families. It focuses mainly on pain relief and comfort rather than curing the disease. Hospice care is available in hospitals or at home but it is important to note that in this case the thing that matters is the caregiving and not the building in which care is given. Therefore, a good relationship between the care providers and the patients is fundamental for improvement of the patient’s well-being. In addition, hospice care is not only directed at the patient but also at his/her family and friends (Earle et al., 2004).

Film – Living with Dying

From the film Living with Dying (BBC film), the depicted concepts are useful in the development of a middle range theory regarding hospice care. For example, hospice care largely depends on the person providing care and not necessarily on the place where care is given. The patients who have little time left to live need to be happy and feel comfortable so that they can appreciate their last days on the earth. It is, therefore, imperative that the nurses or the caregivers focus on making the patients happy and on relieving their pain. This is a theory that can guide nurses in their daily care provision (Gibbs et al., 2002).

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Another theory derived from the film is the theory of pain relief rather than curing. Hospice care aims at relieving pain and not curing the disease. Research shows that sometimes trying to cure the disease causes more harm than good and thus, doctors and nurses opt for hospice care and not curing (Earle et al., 2004). The theory states that dying patients need assistance in facing the challenge of dying since it is a difficult and trying moment. The feeling that comes with the issue of dying is devastating and depressing and the patients need proper care in order to overcome the challenge.

Why Nurses Eat Their Young? My Story

From the video titled Why Nurses Eat Their Young: My Story, there are several concepts and sub concepts discussed; these concepts include bullying, career advancement and experience. Regarding the concept of bullying, older and experienced nurses bully the new nurses by gossiping about them, shouting at them and disrespecting them. It is a very bad habit, since new nurses require a warm reception into the profession so that they could be encouraged to perform their duties up to the required standards. When bullied, they get discouraged and some might even give up on the career. The video also brings out the concept of career advancement in a way that most young and new nurses do not advance their careers due to lack of motivation form the older nurses who treat them so bad. Similarly, the concept of disrespect receives attention in a fact that older and experienced nurses disrespect their young colleagues. It is a sub concept since it relates to bullying as a demonstration of disrespect.

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The issue of older nurses treating their fellow nurses in a bad way is very discouraging and shaming to the nursing profession. The public greatly relies on nurses for care, hence a need for good behavior from them. It is a key factor that they first learn to treat themselves right so that they can serve the patients in the same way. Nurses need to have a heart of love, concern, care, charity and many more virtues but from the video it is evident that some of them do not have possess such qualities (Lynn & Adamson, 2003). It affects the nursing profession, because it affects how people perceive nurses and shows whether they can be trusted to provide quality care or not. It is, therefore, very important that nurses portray a good picture of themselves so that the society can trust them in their work.

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