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Business Strategy and IT Strategy


In the business world today, there exists a tussle between the adoption of business strategy and IT strategy. Some support business strategy while others, IT strategy. The question is more of perception and knowledge of each that influences the decision made. In this paper, the researcher tends to argue in line with Nicholas Carr's argument that IT strategy is better than Business strategy.


The future of a business enterprise keeps changing and it is highly dependent on the strategy that is adopted in the business. In this digital era, IT strategy is found to have an upper hand as compared to the traditional business strategy. In Nicholas Carr's (2011) work, it is argued that IT strategy has better advantages over business strategy. In the argument, a business strategy is meant to envelope the mission, vision statement as well as the core values of the business that gives the market entry approach. The business strategy gives details of the kind of products to develop and the kind of environment these products are to be developed in (Carr, 2011).

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Carr's sentiments are also supported by Gartlan and Shanks (2007, p. 115) who argue that a business strategy is an analytical tool that is used in managing the path that the business will take in future. This strategy as argued is used to address the external as well as the internal business environment (Carr, 2011), the allocation and vision of the resources of the company and the approach that is taken in the competitive business environment (Gartlan & Shanks, 2007, p. 114). However, the business strategy is more focused on future events and strategies rather than integration with the current business environment.

On the other hand, IT strategy has a more specialized approach as it emphasizes on technology (Carr, 2011) and (Gartlan & Shanks, 2007, p. 115). To be able to support planned change, the IT strategy gives more detail to software and hardware installations that are meant to enable fast execution of business activities. In so doing, it gives the business a competitive advantage since the management is able to follow the business processes faster and effectively. According to Gadiesh and Gilbert (2001) as cited in Gartlan & Shanks (2007, p. 115) IT strategy plays an important role in electronic communication since it provides a platform under which all business processes are undertaken. This strategy addresses the needs of the organization for which they are facing in real-time as well as providing a platform where the customers can interact with the organization. For example, the introduction of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer better avenues for interactions.

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IT strategy provides a better data management avenue as compared to business strategy (Gartlan & Shanks, 2007, p. 115). This supports data gathering, data presentation as well as data storage (Gartlan & Shanks, 2007, p. 115) and (Carr, 2011). Web sites have transformed the way business is done on a day-to-day basis as it offers flexibility both now and in the future since most transactions are done online in the modern days. For example, e-marketing, e-commerce and e-transactions are as a result of increased One can only imagine what technology will bring next in the business world.


In conclusion, it is clear that business strategy is more of an analytical tool that enables future planning. On the other hand, IT strategy bears more weight as it has better integration both in the current business and in future business processes. It also provides a competitive advantage as compared to organizations that use traditional and primitive business strategies. With the introduction of web-based applications for businesses, customers are able to interact with the organization.

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