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Comparison of Two Western Films

The movie ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’, revolves around three men living in a desolate town during the civil war in America and their quest to find gold stashed in unknown cemetery. The men do not trust each other, but still need each other to locate the exact place where the treasure is hidden. Betrayal, double-crossing, revenge and backstabbing are some of the themes that are desalinated, a typical western style movie. This treasure hunt, action packed and revenge movie introduces the viewer to, the plucky and seasoned western character like “man with no name” displaying the cowboy attitude mainly practiced in the west.

Unforgiven, is both modern and classic movie. The fact that the location of shooting is mainly in California Sonora and Canada Alberta indicate it is western. It stands out as the most influential movies of all times and a trendsetter for other genres. The script is tightly drawn and believable; fundamentally redefining, and realistically exaggerating legendary. This attributes to the magnificence and romanticism of the Western genre. Lawlessness, corruption, masculinity versus feminism, revenge, myths compared to real heroes, the effects of violence and guns, the lack of glamour and justice are some of the themes that are perfectly highlighted in this film.

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The two movies can be appropriately compared because the writer and director of both movies is Mr. Clint Eastwood. Both have well written script, enough suspense and action. The cast is superb with the tough and gray streaked characters like Blondie and Munny. There is a sort of chemistry that is displayed with the casts, in the good, the bad and the ugly as well as the unforgiven.

Emotions in unforgiven keeps the viewer glued to the screen. This films show a realist point of view in the west. Having no Shootouts in the main street and heroes depicts a true picture of the happenings. There are no heroes in the good, the bad, and the ugly because the last man expected to be the hero, the good, is turned in, and the wrong person picks the bounty.

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Themes in these films revolve around revenge, law enforcement, masculinity and corruptions. Moral revenge by Will in unforgiven because of his loyalty to Ned and Tuco’s close shave to death by gunmen on a revenge mission. Angel Eye kills Baker his employee by instruction from Steven and latter kills Steven. The gunplay violence and gun slinging, prison camps and ruthless interrogations themes remain the point of attention in both movies.


The cinematography in the good, the bad and the ugly is precisely phenomenal, with appropriate formation of an unobstructed and wide view of extensive shots, zooming and close ups. A scene at the cemetery gives a wide enough view of the three actors in a standoff, with the emphasis put on the fact that it is only the three of them for miles then, switches to close up showing their tension and distrust faces is a spectacular scene.  The first production of this film in 1966 coincided with the introduction of colour pictures but the producer preferred black and white because of its clarity. However, the producer ensured its durability by documenting it on CDS, and books.

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The production of the unforgiven in the technology era was quite impressive in technicolor, the picture quality, and a panoramic vision shown in front and behind camera; was surely a fantastic goal creating a masterpiece.

Sound incorporation with a whistle and a water movement, sound technique and the lack of writing and notes coordination, followed by the hierarchy from soft to a loud and a unwelcome cracking as the crescendo sets in was amazing. The style of attributing music to the lead stars like cool and calm for the good, a rather rough and naughty sound the bad and a wary and unmistakable sound for the ugly was thoughtful and smart.

In Unforgiven a quite natural and diegeticsoundincorporationbrings about the natural and sense of reality emotion that the movie is all about. Highlighting the use of expressive sound result, points to crucial plots like application of thunder like sound at storms scenes and loud and exaggeration sound in arguments. Using lip syncing technology in translation from the original language to English because of some casts inability to communicate in the same language a very logical thing.

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Winning accolades one after the other with Best picture, Best Director, Best Editing and Best supporting actor, “Unforgiven” director was bombarded with the motion picture industry bestowing praises for his good work. It was fourth in the list of Best American Film in west genre and also received the best drama picture “Golden Globe Award from Hollywood Press”.

The good, the bad and the ugly, was not received well at first with so many critics depicting it as full of violence but it still sold well after explanation from the producer about his use of exaggerated violence according to yester year West.


Though greatly criticized for depicting violence, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly were introduced latter to the list of Great Movies. It grossed at around $ 6.5 Million and is considered a classic and the biggest in its genre. Unforgiven was however, received positively as the “best classical western” Jack Mathews. There were critics though with some complaining about its duration and the use of superfluous casts. On the first weekend opening, it deputed at the top slot earning more than $ 13.9 million and latter $ 160 million sold tickets in America alone.

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