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"" is a website belonging to the Budweiser brewing company situated in the United States of America. The website gives information about the company and the brand that it produces, for the public. Like any other website, has its strengths and weaknesses. This paper evaluates the website in terms of its ethos, pathos and logos.


The formation of the website was for promoting the Budweiser beer brand in the United States of America. It informs people the reasons that make its beer brand the best in the American market and the reasons why the citizens of America should drink Budweiser instead of other brands. The website has outlaid the information it passes in a credible way. The first page that displays when the website loads requires that a person confirm his or her age.

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The website builders did this to ensure those who access the website are of legal age because the website advertises a brand meant for adults only. In America, underage people should not take beer. Therefore, the website did that in order to observe the regulations set to control alcohol consumption. The message has clarity that it requires a person to enter his or her exact date of birth. The author of the website that put the message authoritatively, in that one cannot enter the web before he or she clarifies his age (Anheuser-Busch).

The website has some form of fair-mindedness in that it ensures that it does not put its business or underage people at risk by letting people know that the website provides content meant for adult people. In the main webpage, the website has clearly stated that only responsible adults can enjoy Budweiser beer. As one enters Budweiser webpage, one sees a bottle of Budweiser beer displayed. This shows the person visiting the website the exact product it features.

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The website has employed use of visual images to show its brand. Before a visitor reads anything, the bottle of Budweiser beer that displays on the webpage elicits an imaginative thought in the mind of the visitor. One can guess that the website advertises its beer brand. The message beside the beer bottle that reads, "GREAT TIMES ARE WAITING, GRAB SOME BUDS," makes one evoke thirst and an urge to taste the beer.

The website has a high clarity that one can see drops of water falling off the Budweiser beer bottle. The developer of the website has used the bottle of the Budweiser beer and the words beside it to evoke a thirst on a visitor that could make him or her develop an interest in buying the beer. This makes the purpose of the website clear, in that its purpose to advertise the beer and make people buy it comes out clearly for anyone to see it even if they do not read the information in the website.  In addition to that, the site has made sure; that it has clarifies its target audience. It has specifically targeted the adult population (Anheuser-Busch).

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The website has achieved accuracy because its purpose involves giving information about its brand that could help attract customers to buy the beer. It has touched every aspect that could convince a customer to buy the brand. The site has given complete information about its brand. It has clearly shown the ingredients used in brewing their beer, the art employed in brewing the beer, the science that maintains the freshness of the beer once brewed, and how one can pour the beer into a glass without it spilling. The website has also featured information that informs a visitor the legacy of the Budweiser Company.

This information features facts about the company, Adolphus Busch, brewing the beer the American way, being the American icon through making the great American lager, truly American, and its endurance of hardship from 1919 to 1933.  The website has also given extra information about its contribution to the community and its environmental conservation policy. This information has the purpose of winning the confidence of visitors, in case they want to know more about the beer or the company as a whole (Kraynak 87).

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The website has achieved internal consistency and clarity of the message that it passes to the audience. The website has not provided any information in broken pieces. It has used a style that enables it to tackle concerns under subtopics addressing the matters fully. It has not mixed different information and put them as one piece.

For example, the website talks of its beer brand differently, in terms of the ingredients and the manufacturing process. It also talks of other issues that the company engages in, in a different topic. This ensures that a visitor acquires information clearly and easily. It has headings that a visitor can click on, to explore information that interests them.

The website also provides the current and past information about the company. For example, the website has provided information about its current engagements such as its contribution to the community. It has also provided information about its experiences, such as its hardships from 1919 to 1933.

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The website contains a proper webpage that displays its brand in a colorful way that attracts the interest of a person once he or she visits the page. It has offered clear information that offers the time range of the company and its product. This enables a visitor to gain as much knowledge of the company as possible.

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