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Gun Control

The president should be advised basing on the current situation in the United states, it is clear that the British and American societies experience a very large gap of cultural orientation. The American society being the hybrid of minor communities with parallel cultural origin, the president is aware that the failure in the Gun Control Laws that the Americans are faced with has resulted to an ever-growing problem of violence. The American cities' streets have become a battleground with the elderly being beaten for their social security checks, the terrified women are usually attacked and raped, at the same time the teenage gangster are involved in shoot outs for the patch of turf to sell their illegal drugs, and the innocent children are normally caught in the daily crossfire in drive-by the shootings.

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It is a good initiative for the President to come up with this initiative of controlling the guns, he should not ignore the damage that the criminals are causing to the society, and instead he must take proper actions and stop this trend. It is clear that the efforts by some misguided personalities to eliminate the legal ownership of firearms has not properly addressed the current  problem facing the Americans, it has only caused the disarming of the above suspicion law abiding citizens that are in need of a appearance of self-protection. For the President to fully comprehend the reasons following the gun control model in the United States, he should critically analyze the history of United States, and the role that the firearms have been playing in shaping it.

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Spitzer (1995) explains that the Gun policies should be enacted at all level of governance in the United States, this include; the local, state, and the federal levels. This new model is the most suitable to the gun control. It model deals with the problem recognition, the policy proposal formulation, and the general politics on Gun control in the United States. Most significant is that the policy stream in gun control converges at the time of crisis or any precipitating event. The gun policies laid down by this Model has the implication that there is going to be a situation which is characterized by the increased restriction on the gun purchasing or possession, a situation which the groups in favor of more restriction have  been frequently proposing.

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This model could lead to the enacting of the bill which when first the government approves will make sure all the gun owners are licensed, and their guns are registered down on the private possession of guns and that the ammunition that this groups can own should be strictly limited. This forbids the United States' Citizens from carrying any article that can be used for self-defense; finally, it also ensures that the vigor of that self-defense is monitored.

Gun control Model

This model is based on the group theory whereby it takes into consideration the role of the community, the law and the political actors such as the elected officials, the bureaucrats, and the interest groups. Due to the commercial gun businesses, the Model also includes the business groups. Most important is its input and output process.

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In this model efforts will be made to discuss the policy streams in the government, it highlights the role of the policy experts, the experts include; bureaucrats, the congressional staff, the academic interest groups, and the researchers.

This model highlight on the policy streams which include the following; the general national mood in specific the public opinion, the elections, the partisan politics, the interest groups. The model will involve the following steps in the Gun control campaign; 

  • Problem recognition
  • Policy proposal formulation
  • Public debate and formulation of regulating bills
  • Enacting of the bills

The roles of the three actors in the public policy making process; the legislature, executive and the judiciary are fundamental.  With reference to the policy making steps, both the executive and legislative bodies have important roles in initiating the process.  but the president has a greater influence. At the policy formulation stage, the president or executive surrenders the policy proposal to the legislative branch. At the implementation stage, the policy or bill comes back to the executive to take actions to carry out its intent.  Evaluation is the role of the executive who have the obligation to properly implement policy. The legislators participate in the evaluation process. The courts forms part of the judiciary and are involved in reviewing the policy and the way of implementation (Marion & Oliver, 2006)

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When the various streams are joined, then the policy adoption or the reforms in the existing policy result. The social security reforms are the examples of the solutions to the social problems such in the case of Gun control. The gun policy is rarely predictable it is in most cases impacted by the type of governance, the public opinion, the interest groups and sometimes the academic researchers (Ludwig & Cook, 2003). The model avoids the situations where the proposals for the increase in the restrictions on the fire arms are much more given attention as a result of the crisis such as the political assassination, the school shooting cases or a persistent crime wave. However such periods provide the opportunities for the gun rights advocates to roll back the gains by the control side by pushing for their favorable conditions. As the presidential advisor I will suggest for him to adopt this model of Gun control since it has raised controversy as an ongoing issue in the United States and around the world.

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