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This website is called frog design that deals with offering new strategies and solutions to environments where there are misunderstandings and problems. Frog design website is used to analyze an existing project, research on the project and come up with a way that it can be changed or improved. Frog design normally interacts with the customer so as to enable to come up with a project that would have the customers input and be easy to use since the customer is the end user. This enables the user to be able to have a better understanding of the project at hand come up with new ideas which can be implemented in the firm.

The introduction was to enable us to be able to understand a way in which enable the designer to be able to come up with the website. This website clearly defines the sites purpose and that is it is easily recognizable and has a distinct purpose. The site can be said that it is revealing the corporate image of the firm and that is a really good idea that the designer came up with.  The first impression of the website is really important since you want the customer or user to be able to understand without a lot of struggling what your website is about and how your website is unique from other companies or other sites. The designer is able to bring this out since the image in the homepage shows us what the website is all about. We can see an electric charging station and a car that is to symbolize that the website deals with using electric filling stations which are to replace the older filling stations.

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The site should be able to be obviously stating what it wants its users to do and it is not so obvious in the frog design website. They should have something more obvious, something more direct that the user can identify with immediately which shows them what to do exactly without a lot of strains. For most of the users of the site they will be having a problem understanding the pictorial representation of the site since it seems a bit complicated.  I love the way the website is arranged. It's organized and unique from most of the website since we can see that when you want to navigate to the homepage you don't have to search for the common home icon, instead they are having their logo as the navigation icon back to its own homepage. I see that as a real smart way of arranging and organizing the website which the designer has done a really good job.

The background of the website though is not well selected. The color and the bricks do not really complement with the clean and classy electric fuelling machine and the car. They should have had something cleaner and a different color that should have complemented with the environment. I have to say that the homepage is arranged in a really organized manner that is by enable us to give us the opportunity to view the different services offered by the firm.

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You can navigate through the links easily by just a click of the mouse hence time is saved and the user is able to move easily from one product to the other. Another thing that the designer has really invested in is in use of videos in the website. It's a brilliant idea enabling the user to understand the contents of the website more easily. The video enables to make the site more interesting and understandable to the user. The videos are really good as an investment in the website. However, having too much video on the website subjects it to being slow hence having a slower service to the customer or user.

The site should be considered appealing according to the color which it's going to use.  The safe colors should be applied to enable clarity in the prints on the webpage. I can say that the website length and width should be a factor considered when also coming up with the site. The length of the site of good size though the width will require a bit of scrolling. It is easy to navigate since we can say that the width and length are well arranged. The content of the site is well readable since the font is well used, where we require text to be either italics or bold we are able to see them being well used differentiating the topics from the main content.

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The site gives sufficient information and does not just give links to other websites. It gives information on its product and services in a rich and in details. The site also enables it to target more customers since we can see that it is not designed using English only but also contain other languages, hence those not conversant in English can use their language and be able to interact with the site more easily. The site also provides more information on their products and services enabling the user to be able to understand the use of the products more easily.

The designer has not used internal web links which make navigation more easily if the width of the web page is too long. The designer has overseen the use of the internal links into its maximum point which is something that is very vital in a webpage.  A firm that has several websites has to have a link to the other websites since this increase access to its product and services. The site contains archives enabling users to view previous products or service which they might have used and want to view them again.

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The site has a news section, events and appearance and also a perspective section. This shows that the site is able to offer information to the customer or user on recent issues and also places where events are happening related to what the firms offer. The site should not be too deep hence requiring a lot of clicking before reaching desired information. The site also has enough information which enables the customer or user to make a decision on whether you want to purchase a product or not. The site should be able t make you come back and visit it again since the graphics used and the arrangement is in such a way that you would definitely want to visit it again.

The designer also made sure that the company logo has been reflected in all the pages. The technique used is really good since the customer feels that the site is official. The site also does not have a lot pictures or comment that are might be termed as informal. The language used is formal and hence portraying the site as official and business minded. It gives the appearance of something serious is being done and hence the user takes it seriously. The format of the web pages also is official; this is to say that the designer wants to portray the site as being serious and focused.

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The site has a search section which enables the user to be able to find something they are looking for much faster if the user or the customer knows what they want. This is a way which the site enables the user or the customer save time instead of searching through the entire website. This is accomplished by typing a keyword or the information you are looking for.

The forms which are available for filling are well created since they do not have a lot of information to fill. It makes the user feel that they are not being interrogated or their privacy is being invaded. The frames should be well navigated for easy movement in the website; the scroll bars should not be so many for easy navigation. The use of cascading style sheet is also vital in the making of the website since incase of any updating of the website the designer should be able to do so since you can correct one page. 

The name of the website should be logical; it should be easy and not complicated to know for easy search. Things like dashes, difficult words, and symbols should be avoided since it makes the site difficult in opening it since there is a high chance of forgetting the symbols or the special words. The site is easy to find since it's simple and easy to guess. It does not take a genius or specifics for it to be able to be found using the search engines.  There should be several links that link to this website which will enable for faster access (Melody 79).

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The sites should be able to have a back links which are able to link easily. Some sites which use frames contain internal pages which are hard to link them together. This leads to very few external links. Each page contains a link which can take you to the front page. The site should be fast enough since when someone is searching for a related site they might bypass it since it's too slow. Most of the information offered in this website seems to be updated so we can say that that the site is updated frequently which is a good thing for a website to be able to contain the latest developments in the firm (Rossi 188). 

The site also contains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section where you do get to have your questions to be answered. These are the questions that most of customers or users do ask about the products or the services offered by the firm. Good sites always contain this section which is vital since it is a quick reference to the user to be able to get the questions answered. It also gives us books which are online that can help you understand more about the firm's services. These books can be bought online. It provides online ways in which the books can be purchased. These ways are secure hence customers can purchase online.

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The site also contains the addresses where you can find their offices. This is a good way of enabling a good relation with the customer. In case of any inconvenience about the products or the services offered the customer or user knows the right offices to contact. They also have an email address where you can contact the relevant people in case you have any problem. This shows that the site is well defined and arranged catering for the needs of the user in all aspects. The site makes sure that the user or the customer comes first. This is a good way to enable the user will always opt for that website in future for any products or services needed. The site also gives you the privacy policy which is dedicated to safeguard your information which you offer to them. They make sure that your information is in good hands and well safeguarded.

The designer also gives you their specific regions of expertise hence having a wide range of selection according to the users or customer requirements. The mouse over technique is used to be able to highlight the task that you want to perform. This is a good method hence the user can be able to realize the option they want to choose. The choice of the color is also good since it is clearly differentiated from the other options. The choice of the background color is also perfect since it blends in with the black printings which enable it to be visible (Rossi 188).

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The font used in the site is not that bad but it could have been moderated a little bit since some of the topics are too large and they could have been made a bit smaller. I can say that the pictures and graphics used by the designer are relevant. Let's take for instance the software and computing web page. The pictures offered clearly show that we are talking about technology. We can see that we are dealing with software and computers. Such relevance is good since the users or the customers get a clear understanding of what they need by what they see. The use of statistics is also another technique used in the site. There is use of graphs used to give out certain information required.

The site also gives us the opportunity to connect to other social sites where we can be able to share information about it on them like facebook and tweeter. This acts as external links increasing the diversity of the site by enabling the user to use the same site access another website. The site not only gives us information on the relevant books but also on the information about its authors and how we can be able to get them. It proves to be a very comprehensive site with a lot of information which is well arranged.











The site also has a career icon where you can get to know where all this apply and how it can be of help to you. It has proven to be an educative site since is educating you the different ways in which this site can be of help not only n terms of products and services but also in terms of career wise.

Frog design as an innovation company is a success and requires a well organized and managed website to handle its many and complex activities or the products it has to offers. The linking of the pages and the icons should be a major factor that the designer considered in creating this website.

The website should be easy to find by either using a company name or the product needed since the website is well outlined.  This website should also be compatible with any browser so as not to inconvenience a customer or a user.


We can conclude by saying that the website is not a bad one and can serve its purpose well. It only requires a bit of modification like making sure that the colors used complement with the text. This is important due to the visibility of the text so that it can be visible. The font size needs also to be moderated so as to make the appearance of the text more appealing but also maintain it to be readable to the user.

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The designer has done a great job in incorporating the images in the site since they are related to the subject they represent. The graphics used are well placed and a perfect fit. The use of videos is also a major boot to the site. It makes is more understandable and easy to be understood. However, the designer should watch out on using a lot of videos since the site might become slow. Alternatively, the designer can code it in such a way that the videos can open in a new tab or window (Melody 79).

Use of internal links is another thing the designer should check out on. It helps in navigation on the web page and also highlights keywords on the web page. Make sure that the website has a simple name that won't take a lot of time in finding the URL. The designer should also check on the use of back links which take you back to the front page since most of them are prone to other sites which make them redirect to their sites using them as hyperlinks.

Generally, it's a good website and it's tailored for its right job and be worked on, to ensure that it is working superbly. The best part of the website that I have really appreciated is on the use of videos to communicate with the user and also the use of the graphics is of a quality range. This is a good piece of work and its functionality is good. The arrangement of the work is great and well organized.

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