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Lifespan Nutrition Needs


A person's nutritional needs changes over the life span. During growth periods, the need for nutrients increases but once growth stops, energy needs will decline. Also a person's food choice varies across the lifespan due to social, psychological, economic and leisure roles.


At this stage, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding options should be explored. Breast-feeding is not only good for the baby but also for the mother. Breast-feeding is good because of its nutritional benefits and antibodies. Formula can also be introduced. As they grow, introduce sugary desserts, candy and liquids.

Early childhood

Children have small stomachs and eat regularly. Low-fat peanut butter and low-salt wheat crackers with protein and complex carbohydrates should be introduced. Vitamin A, B&C, calcium, fiber, iron should be available in plenty. Generally food does not depend on single food or meal.

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Teenage years

A child's body begins rapid change in size and shape at around the age of 10 years in girls and 12 in boys. This is generally referred as the adolescent growth spurt. From this time to the next 4 years a girl grows averagely 10 inches taller gaining 40-50 pounds and boys 12 inches taller gaining 50-60 pounds. This growth spurt calls for many different nutrients. Calcium is quiet important for bone growth because 45 percent of an adult's bone is built during adolescent. Also at this time, Vitamin A&D should be in plenty, protein and riboflavin should be in plenty.


Adults should take a nice balanced nutritious. They should consume more of protein to mend worn out tissues as they are involved in strenuous jobs.

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Pregnant women

Healthy eating during pregnancy increases the chances of bearing a healthy baby. A gradual gain of 25-35 pounds is recommended. Overweight pregnant women should not diet but only limit the amount of desserts. Underweight women should increase their food intake gradually. They should increase water and fluid intake. Soft drinks and sugary foods should be limited        

Older adults

Older people need to eat foods to improve their health. Eating nutritious foods, limit amounts of salt and sugar. But older adults have special nutritional needs because they need fewer calories and certain problems are common to them. (Nutrition through the life cycle).

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