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In order for an individual to stay healthy it's important for one to take great care of him / herself as this will relieve him from contracting diseases or even developing malfunctioning of the body. Therefore in order for an individual to be more productive and healthy one should be wiling to take more care of oneself through taking of good nutrition that will help body cells to be able to overcome diseases and at the same time operate normally (Hopkins, 1993).

In this case nutrition means the condition where the body cells are provided with the essential food materials that is necessary for the body cells to support the life of an individual. In addition to that scientists recommend that in order for an individual to stay healthy the one should have a healthy and a balanced diet. Scientists further recommends that a balanced diet contains essential elements that include proteins, vitamin, carbohydrates and lipids which contain fats and oils and water among other essential nutritional elements, (Hopkins, 1993). In this paper I am going to talk about the importance of each of these elements in a human body and why they should be contained in an individual's food intake.

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Vitamins is recognized as an essential mineral that facilitates good health and comes in a variety of forms which include vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K, all these varied vitamins nutrients are found in food except for the Vitamin D which can be synthesized directly by the skin with the aid of Ultra Violet radiation (Lieberman, 1990). Vitamin compounds such as carnitine are highly recommended in the diet as they are believed to be useful for the survival and health of a human body.

Vitamins are mainly found in foods like fresh vegetables among other foods including cod liver oil, rice, fruits, wheat germ oil, dairy products such as milk and meat, eggs, liver, meat, and whole grains (Lieberman, 1990). Nutrition experts recommend that people should take the above mentioned foods in order to get vitamins in there bodies.

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Lack of vitamins in the diet results to a variety of conditions and diseases that include: goiter, scurvy, impaired immune system, certain forms of cancer, premature aging, osteoporosis amongst other diseases. Taking victims in excess is also dangerous to an individual's health especially excess of vitamin A and B6 may result to toxicity of the body resulting to complications (Lieberman, 1990).

The other important element that is needed by the body for a more improved health is proteins; in this case proteins are the basic composition of an individual's structure as it is found in the muscles, skin and hair. Proteins are important in the body because they contribute in the formation of the enzymes that control chemical reaction in the whole body. Also it should be noted that each protein molecule is composed of amino acids (Branden, 1999).

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Proteins should constantly be in an individual's diet because the body doesn't store proteins in the body and the execs proteins and amino acids are discarded literary in the urine (Branden, 1999). The only way in which an individual can supplement the lost proteins is through eating of foods that are rich in proteins and example of these foods includes Soya products, fish, poultry products which include eggs, legumes, and dairy products which include red meat, milk and cheese.

Proteins are very essential during some stages of growth in an individual's life especially during the early development and maturation, pregnancy and lactation, and when an individual is injured or burnt. Lack of proteins in the body during these stages will result to slow healing of any body tissues when an individual is burnt or injured and it also results to the impairment of the individual's body enzymes (Branden, 1999). Individuals will also have weak bones, painful joints and irregular growth of hair and impaired eye sight, kidney operations.

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The other important nutritional element is lipids that contains Fats, Oils, Waxes, Fat soluble vitamins amongst others substances. In this case we are going to highlight on the fats and oils and there contribution in the body. Lipids which include fats and oils are important in the body because they help in the storage of energy (Hopkins, 1993), contributes in the structural composition of the cell membrane and the formation of signal molecules in the body. In addition to that they are also involved in the transportation and metabolization of fatty acids in the mitochondria hence resulting production of energy required by the body.

Lipids are mostly found in foods that are high in cholesterol, triacylglycerols and phospholipids and when there is a minimum supply of foods with these nutrients foods containing fatty- soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) can provide these component to the body. Some of the foods that contain lipids include eggs, olive; cooking fat, peanut, sunflower and cocoa butter and these are some of the food that is contains a huge concentration of lipids (Hopkins, 1993).

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Lipid deficiency doesn't have major impacts on the body it's noted that most of the lipids are used in food processing as they are used in to make other products that are used as a supplement when taking the other products (Hopkins, 1993). An example of these processed foods includes margarine that is spread in bread and cooking oils/ fats that is an ingredient used in many foods. Thus from this it is easier for the body to digest the fat that is simply manufactured to be digested directly into the body.

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