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Health and Fitness

It is very important to be careful about the type and amount of food we consume. This is because the food we eat has a resolve on our health. Despite of this knowledge many people continue to ignore the effects that food has on our health. It is important for people to ensure that they maintain their correct body weights. Individuals can do this by calculating one's BMI in order to determine their recommended weight. Currently people are consuming foods that are very fatty, refined, or processed while ignoring the harmful effects that they have on our bodies. Over consumption of food, leads to major weight gain that result to harmful effects to our health. In addition to this, people are often too busy to engage in any form of exercises and this causes people's health to deteriorate. Due to very high cholesterol levels in this foods many people become obese and therefore suffer from diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. World health organization has carried out a research on the effects of weight gain. Their statistics show that eating junk foods has resulted in a minimum of thirty thousand early deaths in the United States (Edelman, 2006).

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Obesity is a condition that results when one's body has built up too much fat hence causing diseases and even death. Obesity results due to increased calories, lack of exercises, or due to genetic conditions. Very few people suffer from obesity due to genetic conditions. A clear indication for this is evident especially for people who consume very small amounts of food and end up being obese. This is because of very slow metabolic processes. Obesity has become a serious problem with increased occurrences in both children and adults. A long time ago, people associated obesity with wealth. The perception was that anyone seen to be overweight was supposedly from a wealthy family. This is currently not the case as many obese people are highly stigmatized (Robert, 2009).

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Health Risks

Overweight people suffer from very high sugar levels that lead to Diabetes (Type 2). This type of diabetes is very widespread especially in the United States. Many people suffer from Type 2 diabetes because of genetic conditions, old age, or lack of exercises. However, eighty percent of the patients who suffer from this disease are associated with overweight conditions. There is currently no definite explanation why many patients are overweight. There is however, an assumption that overweight conditions alter with one's body cells making it difficult to adsorb insulin. Insulin assists in carrying sugar to body cells where the body utilizes it as energy. When one's body is incapable of absorbing insulin, the cells cannot utilize the sugar. This results to the high accumulation of sugar in the blood, which leads to a serious health risk (Robert, 2009).

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Heart complications may also arise because of overweight conditions. This results in failed or ineffective blood circulation. Due to excess fat accumulation, the arteries tend to become very narrow hence preventing the free flow of blood. This may result in heartbeats that are abnormal, chest pain, heart attacks, heart failures, paralysis, strokes, and death. In addition to this, overweight individuals tend to have excess fats accumulated at the abdomen. These abdominal fats tend to manufacture harmful substances that cause serious inflammation. This inflammation spreads through one's body and eventually gets to the blood vessels. This is dangerous because it becomes very likely for a person to suffer from a heart disease (Whitney, 2008).

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Overweight people run the risk of getting cancer, which occurs due to the abnormal growth of cells in any part of the body. Cancer is a very dangerous disease because the cancerous cells can spread all over the body. This presents a great risk especially when the cancerous spread to vital organs such the liver and because there is no cure. Cancer patients in the United States are on the rise and very people are dying due to the disease. Overweight conditions lead to the development of cancer in several parts for example the colon, kidney, uterine tract, and breasts. People should be very careful about their weight even though there are no facts supporting why being overweight increases the risks of getting cancer (Whitney, 2008).

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With the above knowledge gained due to being overweight a person should be keen to maintain their recommended body weights. It is also very important for people to formulate programs that assist them to manage their weight. A person can achieve this by maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in constant exercise. This will also ensure that the risk of contracting dangerous diseases is low and that one's body stays in proper shape. An overweight person should ensure that they maintain a healthy diet that provides all the necessary nutrients in good measure. This is in order to ensure that one's body gets a good supply of energy in order to remain fully active. One should also be keen to ensure that they strike a balance between healthy and unhealthy eating. This is because many overweight people run the risk of developing eating disorders. Many people also tend to follow ineffective diet programs and others opt to starve themselves hence posing a risk to their health (Stanton, 2007).

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Excessive weight poses a huge risk to people today because they are not keen to watch the type and amount of food they consume. People should carefully monitor the amount of weight they gain in order to ensure that health risks are minimal. Despite the increasing number of campaigns for healthy eating, several people still ignore the important message passed across. Many people continue to blame busy work schedules and stress for their weight gain. In the meantime, they continue to consume unhealthy food and refuse to enroll in gym sessions. Health eating will not only improve one's lifestyle but it will also reduce the increasing health risks. Overweight people also reduce their chances of dying by adapting a healthy diet and watching the amount of food, they consume.

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