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Cell Phones and Health

Carlo and Schram argues that, in the past few years, the public fears over the cell phones emitted radiation has resulted to varied theories related to the health conditions that the radiation might prompt (77). There are assertions that, heavy usage of cell phones may result to higher risks of brain cancer. Furthermore, cell phone use by pregnant women poses a risk; it may harm the unborn child. These arguments have been discredited by scientific investigation. Recent scientific investigations do not indicate any adverse health issues that are linked to the exposure of an individual to radiation frequency energy from cell phones.

Cell phones may affect an individual's health in numerous ways. One of the related cell phone health hazards not by the individual's mobile phone but from their doctor's mobile devices. Rees and Havas, in a research undertaken recently, 19/20 of the mobile phones tested from the health care givers (this is almost 94.5 percent), were contaminated with a certain bacteria that was dangerous to the patients they were attending to in their line of work (22). Some of the bacteria that was discovered is referred to as the superbug; bacteria that are resistant to the commonly used antibiotics. From the research undertaken to ascertain the danger of the healthcare givers cell phones to their patients, it was shown that only 10 percent of the health care workers did not clean their cell phones on a routine basis. The majority of the unclean phones did carry very dangerous hospital pathogens. The pathogens preferred the mobile phone because they have surfaces that do not dry out.

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The second risk that the cell phones may lead to is linked to the conversations. The radiations that cell phones emanate are not enough to affect the human brain; however, the conversation that one makes has the likeliness of resulting to harm. A study conducted on drivers depicted that even just listening to a conversation without a response did result to a reduction in the brain activity devoted to driving by almost 37 percent. This resulted to deterioration on the driving quality. The condition under which the conversation is made is the reason that results to health hazards such as accidents; however, it does not affect the brain or human health directly.

In a study conducted and published in the journal pediatrics, it showed that children are more distracted by cell phones if they happen to be crossing streets while they are talking. This is yet another mobile phone health hazard because one will be subjected to auto accident. The study conducted depicted that, children who were on cell phones as they crossed the streets lowered their attention to traffic significantly. The number of times the affected looked right and left was decreased by 20percent and the respective risk of being hit by a car went up by 43 percent. The study did as well depict that even adult pedestrians are distracted by carrying a conversation while still walking. This factor is a health hazard that does as well result from the usage of cell phones.

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The phantom vibrations, though pale in comparison to the seriousness of a car accident, that are experienced by some of the habitual mobile phone device users are likely to result to annoying side effects of the wireless era. The users of the cell phones claim to have heard vibrations while their cell phones were silent. This is annoying to the owner, and dangerous for health needs. The chief of neuro-psychology at the school of medicine in New York University; Dr. William Barr, argued that if one use the mobile phone more, it becomes part of him or her and just like one wears a socks and feels them after taking off, one would feel the cell phone even though it is not there. A person is rewarded by the ability to detect low-amplitude vibrations, which results to their perfection at response. The importance of getting a message makes people be trained on detecting the signal; a repeat creates the nerve and brain connection hence making the behavior automatic. People get too good at responding to vibrations to the extent that they start responding to false positives. This is not favorable health wise as the annoying effects are dangerous to the levels of adrenaline in the body.

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Cell phone messaging does result to a toll on thumbs. People who texts much suffer from blisters and sores, which have resulted to the earning of monikers, for example, the Blackberry thumbs. There are practical and stressful injuries such as pain and numbness as well as discomfort in the thumbs base from over use of mobile phones. These injuries are referred to as the repetitive strain injuries; though may seem minor at times, they have the potential of leading to serious medical shortcomings.

Davis indicates that contact dermatitis is another health hazard that result from usage of cell phones (12). This is a side effect faced by individuals suffering from allergies of certain metals such as nickel. Nickel is used in the manufacture of wristwatches, bungles, cell phones. Its reaction ranges from redness to rash and at times blisters. In this context, it is one of the common causes of contact dermatitis.

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The perils of loud music are made rampart by cell phones. Furthermore, they are blamed on exposing our ears to loud noise because technology has made it possible to store favorite music and play it often. The danger from this is that the music they play may be too far from being good to them. Sounds louder than 85 decibel may cause damage to the ears; normal conversations do not exceed 60 decibels. The mp-3 enabled devices at times go up to 100 decibels, which makes it have the potential of causing harm.

Basing on the researches that have been undertaken recently, the usage of the mobile phones does result to health vulnerability that can be medically quantified and treated. Due to this, health hazards that are because of the mobile phone usage are mostly the side effects that are due to prolonged usage of the cell phones. Other than the risk that is because of the health care givers failure to occasionally, clean their cell phones and resulting to potential of causing harm, the other risks are all based on an individual perspective as far as cell phone usage is concerned. It is thus practical to argue that the cell phones do not pose a health hazard that can be fully linked to it directly. The food and administration organizations do in meantime advocate for the utilization of the hand-free devices as well as trying to keep the cell phones talk to the minimal. However, it is advocated for by the Federal communications, that there be reporting of the relative amount of RF that is absorbed into the human head by the usage of any given cell phone brand. Researchers believe that the younger cell phone users have greater exposure to risk of developing tumors. Their nervous system is yet to be fully developed, and their skulls are not as thick as adult skulls.

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