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Life Cycle and Nutrition

DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid): It has been identified as a crucial element in the nerve, brain, and eye tissue. DHA is essential in the development of infants motor skills and visual acuity. DHA is abundant in the breast milk and today it can also be found on DHA supplemented formula. The harp seal oil is a good source of DHA. Also our bodies are able to convert ALA into EPA and DHA. Therefore if one is in good health and consumes ground flax seeds and dark green leafy vegetables, our bodies will be able to produce EPA and DHA from ALA (Dobbing 1997).

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid): it is abundant in seal oil. It is important to our bodies as it reduces blood clots and inflammation in our cardiovascular system. People with diets rich in EPA are less prone to inflammation of the intestine (Crohn's disease), inflamed joints (Rheumatoid arthritis), asthma, lupus, skin disease and multiple sclerosis. EPA is found primarily in cold water fish like cod, tuna and salmon. It is also found in fresh seaweed, and in smaller amounts it is found in organically bred animal products like grass-fed beef, free-range eggs and chickens.

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ALA (Aloha linolenic acid): ALA is mainly found in high proportions in plant oils such flax seed oil. It can also be found though at some of them in traces amounts in some oils like soy, canola, and walnut oils (Simopoulos and Milner 2010). It is also found in wild plants like purslane which is classified as a garden weed. ALA can only be utilized by our body once, it is usually converted into to EPA and DHA, which are two omega 3 fatty acids that the body readily uses. For bodies that are not healthy the benefits of ALA can be lost.

Elemental iron it is the iron amount that is present in a given iron supplements which is there to be absorbed. Elemental iron is used when the iron in the diet alone is not enough to restore deficient the iron levels to normal for an individual in an acceptable timeframe. Elemental iron is crucial to individuals when one is experiencing various clinical symptoms that are associated with iron deficiency anemia. The main reason for the provision of elemental iron orally as supplements is to ensure that there is sufficient supply of iron that is necessary in the restoration of the normal iron storage level and also ensure that the hemoglobin deficit is replenished.

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Iron, a very abundant metal on Earth, is crucial to a lot of life forms and also in the human body physiology. In the human body, iron is a crucial component of proteins that are involved in the transport of oxygen in the body. Iron also plays a role in the regulation of the cell growth and also differentiation. A low iron in the body will limit the delivery of oxygen to the cells, which will result in poor work performance, fatigue, and decreased immunity. Also excess amount of iron in the human body is dangerous and can lead to death.

Calcimine has also popularly referred to as calsomine, kalsomine or white wash; it is a type of a paint that is inexpensive which is made from chalk for whiting and slaked lime or calcium hydroxide. Other additives such as glue, marine glass, Portland cement, soap, salt, milk or flour are used in making it. Calcimine as a paint can easily be washed away by water. If this gets to the food chain it can be detrimental to the human health and can lead to colon cancer.

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Macrobiotic diet is a way of life, involve the eating of grains as a staple food and they are supplemented by other foodstuffs like beans, vegetables and fruits and they avoid the use of food that are refined or processed. Macrobiotic diet also means eating in a way that one does not overeat and one is supposed to chew the food thoroughly before it is swallowed. It has been fronted as a means of fighting cancer (Duffy 2004). It is drawn from the concept of an individual consuming natural, plant-based diet, organic and with a little fish in the diet.

Nitrate and nitrite and nitro saline are compounds that have a nitrogen atom that are joined to oxygen atoms. A nitrate has three oxygen atoms and a nitrite has two atoms. In the nature, they are all easily converted e.g. nitrates to nitrites and the vice versa. They all anions, which are ions that have a negative charge and tend to associate with cations, so as to get a neutral charge. Most of the nitrates are used in the making of fertilizer, glass and explosives. Nitrites are made mainly as food preservative, and both nitrates and nitrites are used in the enhancement of color and in increasing of the shelf life of meat that is processed.

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The estrogens are various natural body hormones that have specific effect on the female human body. They are responsible for growth and maintaining the female reproductive system and all the characteristics that are associated with female body. Estrogens work in the promotion of growth and development the reproductive system and breasts. The estrogens have an effect on the release of other hormones by the pituitary gland which control capillaries opening. Estrogens can also cause retention of body fluid, affect the breakdown of protein in the body, prevent breast engorgement and ovulation after giving birth, estrogens also shape and maintain the body skeleton with the influence of calcium in the body (Bartos 2009). Estrogen can have various side effects that include severe abdominal pains.

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