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Stress Management

The inception of the new onsite wellness program necessitates a well-planned stress management technique. There are several stress management techniques. However, the one selected should be informed by the prevailing circumstances. My proposal of a stress management technique to be applied at the workplace will consider all the pertinent factors. This technique involves the ability to take charge of one's prevailing situation and making the right decisions. Furthermore, coping with situations is one of the tenets of this technique. The environmental factors of the work place ought to be designed in a manner that assists individuals deal with stress (Donatelle, 2010).

The most effective entails taking responsibility. Employees will be required to take responsibility of the prevailing situation and avoid the habit of blaming others for things that take place in their lives. The practice of relaxation and balance will form a part of the technique. Through this technique people will be encouraged to take necessary breaks and plan their work so as to avoid stress. However, dealing with personal of work problems is the most realistic attribute of this model. Ultimately stress levels among the workers is likely to reduce drastically if this model is adopted.

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I would have resisted other stress management techniques. This is because I believe that the situation at hand is unique and cannot work with any other technique. That is why I opted for a practical and realistic technique. In ranking the stress management techniques, I will apply the practical rationale. Using this rationale, I will rank the techniques depending on their ability to meet the desired results of the program. I only find the customized stress management technique to be relevant. The rest are less effective. Ultimately, the ability of the techniques to achieve personal effectiveness lies in their relation to the prevailing situation at hand.

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