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An electronic cigarette is battery powered appliance for the provision of inhaled doses of solutions of vaporized nicotine or non-nicotine. It is common used as an alternative for the smoked products of tobacco like ordinary cigarette. Apart from the delivery of the nicotine, the cigarette also provide a flavor and some physical sensation which is similar to the one omitted by the inhaled smoke of the tobacco although there is no tobacco present. This modernized type of tobacco was invented in 2003 and released in the market in year 2004 by a pharmacist in China. The study below focuses on the health benefits and cost effective of the electronic cigarette compared to the ordinary cigarette.

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Benefits of using electronic cigarette to real cigarette

The electronic cigarettes are considered to be better than the ordinary one because it does not contain most of the harmful ingredients like smoke which is emitted by the ordinary cigarettes. It also does not emit the odors or smells which pollutes the environment.  This type of cigarette is found to be more beneficial than the ordinary one because they do not stain the teeth or clothing and nails. The excess tobacco smoke which is emitted by the ordinary forms soot and smoke which forms layers on the services of anything passes by. It therefore can be used anywhere including the places the places which are banned, for example, the public places like markets and shopping centers. They can also be used inside the enclosed rooms and vehicles because they do not burn the strong smoke of tobacco (Miller, Vandome & McBrewster, 2010).

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This smarter alternative of smoking is considered than the initial one because it contains zero tar, second hand smoke which is less harmful to the health of the users and those in the surrounding and even burning substances like the paper and the other wrappers used to wrap the contents. Other examples of the electronic cigarette like Luci have a safety feature which regulates the amount of nicotine that one consumes thus the individual cannot over consume. This feature like a smart chip built together with the product turns the other products off incase too much of the nicotine is emitted. This means teat the smoker has to stop or be used to a certain amount of nicotine unlike in the ordinary cigarette the smoker is free to inhale any amount of nicotine without minding the effect it have on their body health or the respiratory surfaces it goes into contact with (Maisto, Galizio & Connors, 2010).   

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It is easier for a heavy smoker to quit smoking if ones start using the electronic cigarette because when the contents of the products like nicotine are reduced and others like tobacco are completely removed, the use does not completely quencher the thirst. The users can even choose to use the zero nicotine refills with the aim of reducing or eliminate the amount of nicotine that is consumed in the body. There are varieties in the market with the buyers having freedom to choose what cartridge they want whether high, medium, low or zero amount of nicotine refilled (Abadinsky, 2010).

China is the leading market of the products since it is its place of origin after its invention in 2003 and release in the market in 200. China is also the leading manufacturer of other products like batteries which enhances the operations of the cigarette. This is a new product in the market which has started off with a very high momentum in the market. Other markets like United States are selling these products at high volumes compared to other products in the market.  these modern cigarettes are more cheaper than the initial ones because the cartridges can be refilled after use, only the atomizer and the contents are replaced and even buying a new one is much cheaper than buying the many cigarette roles which to be used once. The advanced design enables the users to exchange one dollar for approximately 250 drags per replacements of the cartridges. It costs up to 70% less than traditional smoking by all means since electronics cartridges are far cheaper than the ordinary cigarettes (Haber, 2010).  

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Ms. Vasconcellos is a business person who imports electronic cigarettes from the manufacturers of Chinese then sells them through her website She is considered to be among the people growing the legion of e-cigarette and disobeying the administration of food and drug devices which requires the approval of pre-market which contends that the products they deal with might be risk to their health the FDA then started to block the importation of the products from China until it was proven beyond doubts that it was less harmful compared to other type of cigarette, refilling the cartridges is the cheapest and it contains a chip which puts off the products to avoid excess smoking of nicotine so it is not used in high quantities (Fenske & Dafoe, 2009).

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The cigarette is also less accidental compared to the others because it does not deal with open fire which can easily cause fire accident if not well disposed. The users remain smart and neat even after using them because they are not left with the smells of smoke in their clothes and mouth.


There are many benefits of electronic cigarette compared to the ordinary ones; the main one is that they do not use tobacco, carbon dioxide, tar and other substances which are likely to cause cancer. Another benefit is that they are more cost effective than the others thus many people can either afford them or buy. They are used by the heavy tobacco smokers who are willing to quit smoking or reduce the amount that they consume.

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