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Smoking is an act of inhaling and exhaling of fumes that result from burning of tobacco in pipes, cigarettes and cigars. This essay discusses the various aspects of smoking such as its history, addiction, effects and prevention.

History of smoking

It is believed that the use of tobacco was started about 2000 years ago whereby it people used it for ceremonial land medicinal purposes. People used to sniff the tobacco that was in powder form. Later, the use of cigar became common among the rich people whereas the poor people used the disposed tobacco stubs which they rolled in the paper strips and made cigarettes.  During the 20th century, the industrial production methods and better transportation/distribution means and made the cigarettes more popular. Also, various tobacco companies were started in USA and Britain which started selling the tobacco products overseas. Since 1960s, the rate of smoking has been increasing in developing nations especially in Africa (Anderson J. 2005).

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Reasons for smoking

There are many reasons that make people to smoke. First, they are influenced by friends and family members who are smokers. Many people Argues that smoking is a societal issue and most smokers get the habit from peers and families. The parents who smoke influences their children and various studies shows that young people are influenced by people with old habits of smoking. Secondly, people are influenced by media. The various tobacco advertisements through televisions, radios, and magazines encourage young people to smoke as the adverts presents smoking as a better lifestyle for the young people. For example, the various film actors who are seen smoking influence those who watch the films to start smoking. This is because they make young people have positive perceptions about tobacco smoking (From the first to the last ash: The history, economics & hazards of tobacco).

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Effects of smoking

The impacts of smoking differ from one person to another depending on the vulnerability of the individuals to tobacco chemicals. The impacts are also dependent on the amount of smoke taken and the smoking period. Cigarette smoking is dangerous to the health of human beings because the smoke constitutes of many substances that are toxic to the bodies. For example, smoke is one of the main causes of lung diseases, stroke and heart attacks. Also, smoke cigarette smoke contains a substance that is carcinogenic and tar which can cause cancer and gene mutation by binding the DNA and coating of the tissues of the lungs respectively. Further, the carbon monoxide in the smoke interferes with the transportation process of oxygen to various body parts such as the brain. This is because carbon monoxide binds the hemoglobin (Buzzle).

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To the pregnant women, cigarette smoking has very harmful impacts even to the fetus. For instance, smoking increases the risk conditions such as placental abruption, ectopic pregnancy, vaginal bleeding and placenta previa. The fetus is affected in that the nicotine causes the constriction of the umbilical cord blood vessels that supplies the blood to the fetus. Finally, premature birth, miscarriages and sudden infant syndrome are also can also be caused by tobacco smoking (Buzzle).

Conclusion and recommendation

Kicking the smoking habit is one of the important improvements that can be made by a person who smokes. Although this is difficult, the smokers should be motivated, given social support and made to understand the serious problems that are associated with smoking. For instance, the smokers should be assisted to realize the ways of replacing the smoking habit and join other people who do not smoke.

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