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Ovarian Cysts


Ovarian cysts are the fluid filled sacs which develop in women's ovaries. The development of the cysts in the women's ovaries is detrimental to the fertility and the general health of the women. This is because the developments of the cysts make women vulnerable to abnormalities such as vaginal bleeding, pain and even the rupturing. In order to save women the agony of the bleeding and the pains caused by the development of the cysts, surgical operation is done in order to remove the cysts. The ovarian cysts affect women of all ages. However, the women within the age of the child bearing bracket are more vulnerable to the development of the cysts. There are different types of ovarian cysts which occur at different times of the menstrual cycle. Most of the ovarian cysts are not cancerous and normally disappears some days after their development (Thomas, 1969).

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Imaging modalities

The imaging modalities such as the ultrasound and the computerized topography scan can e used to determine the developments of the cysts. In ultra sound image, the ovarian cysts appear like the bubbles. The cysts constitutes of a very thin wall which surrounds the fluid. The formation of the cysts occur when the follicle which is a sac surrounding the egg fails to rupture and release the egg. Ultra-sound shows the presence of the highly reflective dermoid plug which is a solid element within the cyst and contains the hair follicles. The cysts also contain the sebaceous glands which contains the fatty tissue (Tredwell, 2010). The detection of the fluid level is done with regard to the sebum floating on an aqueous. The magnetic resonance imaging depicts the presence of the fats and defense calcifications within the cysts. The MRI shows that the cysts contain the adipose tissue, and the intracystic sebum.

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Types and diagnosis of ovarian cysts

There are different types of ovarian cysts which occur during different times of the menstruation period of the woman. These include the corpus luteum cyst, hemorrhagic cyst, follicular cyst, dermoid cyst, cystadenoma, polycystic, and endometriomas. Follicular cyst for instance, develops upon the evolution of a mature follicle. The corpus luteum cyst develops upon the release of the egg from the follicle whereas the hemorrhagic cyst develops owing to the bleeding within the cyst.

The development of the ovarian cysts occurs as a result of the following risk factors; the irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, the onset of menstruation at an early age, previous occurrences of the ovarian cysts, and the hormonal imbalance.

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In order to diagnose the ovarian cysts, it is important for the health practitioner to perform a series of tests to ascertain the development of an ovarian cyst in a woman and also to determine the type of the cyst. This test include the endovaginal ultra sound, magnetic resonance imaging, serum CA-125 assay, hormone levels, pregnancy testing, laparoscopic surgery, culdocentesis, and hormone levels (Hinkle et al, 2009).

The endovaginal ultra sound is an imaging test which is painless procedure that examines the pelvic organs. This type of test best diagnoses the ovarian cyst owing to its ability to determine the type of the cyst with regard to its appearance in ultrasound. Serum CA-125 assay is a blood test which checks on the substance known as the cancer antigen-125 which triggers the occurrence of the epithelial ovarian cancer. The laparoscopic surgery is done by small incisions through a thin scope which passes into the abdomen. The surgeon therefore will be able to identify and remove the cyst through the thin scope. Different treatments of the cysts are accorded to women with regard to their state. The casualties' therefore must be subjected to the pregnancy tests.  Some pregnancy such as that occurring outside the uterus should be ignored since it depicts symptoms such as that of ovarian cyst.

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In order to ascertain the development and the nature of the ovarian cyst, the ultrasound imaging modality is the most appropriate owing to its precision and accuracy. Unlike the magnetic resonance imaging, the procedure in ultrasound is painless and produces a better image than the computerized topography scan through the abdominal wall (Stoppler, 2005). By embracing the ultrasound imaging, the internal cystic structure may be classified into various categories for instance simple, complex, or completely solid. In most cases the ovarian cysts are functional and disappear by themselves after sometimes. However, the growths which become abnormally large and last for a relatively longer time should be examined and removed to determine their extent of damage.

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