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Effect of Cell Phones on Our Health

The cell phone or mobile phone as is commonly known is undoubtedly one of the most use devices in the world today. Since its introduction in the market a few years back, the use of this device has spread like bush fire becoming one of the most used devices ever made and a top business for many electronic companies. Cell phones are widely used across the globe basically as a result of the convenience that it brings in facilitating communication with its portability, price and availability being the top selling features. Recent studies on this have confirmed that more than 50% of the world population today uses a cell phone with some citing addiction to the use of the device. The device has completely affected and changed the aspect of communication in the whole world. However, since its introduction the use of a cell phone has elicited debates on the effects that this has on an individual's health.

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To start with, it's important to note that a cell phone uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave array to function which some scientists have singled out as being harmful to human health and as such has caused serious health concerns regarding the effect that this radiation has on human health. Motivated by concerns about health, recent studies carried out on this topic have concluded that the long term use of a cell phone causes possible health effects on the users. According to these studies, a sustained exposure to electromagnetic radiation especially the RF fields are likely to lead to increased chances of cancer growth in human beings. In this case, the human body has a very sensitive electromagnetic system; the radiation that is emitted by the cell phone may have far reaching effects on the health of a user. Other studies concerning the effect off exposure to electromagnetic waves have confirmed that this may cause ailments such as leukemia, blood pressure, cancer and fatigue among others.

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In addition, according to Sage C, Carpenter D. O. (23), a study carried out in 2009 to ascertain the effects of exposure to radio frequency radiation confirmed that the continued use of a cell phone affects an individual's cognitive ability and functions. This is as a result of continued exposure to radiofrequency radiation that is emitted by all standard GSM cell phones. An increased period of exposure to these waves has an increased effect on the individual's performance. Consequently, one is likely to take more time to respond to phenomena if exposed to these waves and as such a continued use of this device is likely to impair on the cognitive functioning of the individual.

At the same time, some cell phone users have reported cases of having a number of unspecific symptoms either during or after using the device. According to doctors this ranges from fatigue, tingling sensations in the individuals skin of the head and extremities, sleep disturbances, reaction times and memory retentiveness, disturbances of the digestive system to burning. Most of these users have been confirmed to be hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves and hence the cause of these can be attributed to the electromagnetic waves emitted by a cell phone during and after its use.

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In conclusion, despite the convenience in communication and the other advantages associated with the use of a cell phone, the same has serious effects on the health of an individual. However the currently available data does not necessitate any general recommendation to limit the use of cell phones in the adult population and therefore more research needs to be done to necessitate this. In this regard, individuals should be informed about the possible health effects of cell phone use so that that they may limit their exposure by using hands-free devices or speaker options instead of the inbuilt speakers in a phone, making calls where reception is good, reducing call time, or increase use of the texting service instead of calling where appropriate. Owing to the lack of any data linking to children and the effect of their long term use of mobile phones, parents should encourage their children to reduce exposure to cell phones.

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