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Health Care Delivery in New Hampshire

Health care is a basic need. Unfortunately, not everyone can readily access health care services. This is mainly because of financial constraints. Therefore, there are many programs funded by governments and non-governmental organizations so as to ensure that these individuals access health care services. The State of New Hampshire is no exception to such situations. Fortunately, there is a program in place referred to as MEDICAID. It covers the medical needs of children, the elderly, medically needy individuals and people with disabilities provided that the state and federal requirements are met. The coverage for children is known as Healthy Kids.

In New Hampshire, eligibility of the Medicaid program is based on disability status and the income level of one's family or household. The requirements are such that one is either an infant, a toddler, parent of a child, expectant woman or the income standard of a family with respect to the income standard of Medicaid. In coming up with the income standards, assets and one's expenses are also taken into account. The income is then compared with the federal poverty levels. The percentage is then calculated. Presently, the highest percentage stands at 300% for a child with the least being 47% for a non-working parent.

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It should also be noted that families who receive cash benefits from TANF are automatically eligible for the Medicaid program. However, once parents have gotten jobs, they are allowed to use the Medicaid program for 12 months only. Also, the beneficiaries of SSI who mainly consist of the blind, poor elderly and disabled people are also eligible for Medicaid coverage. The program is also eligible for all groups of people incurring extremely high medical expenses. The program also covers individuals whose level of income is below the poverty level. This program is referred to as Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB).

New Hampshire's health program for kids is referred to as New Hampshire Healthy Kids (NHHK). The coverage is eligible to children who are residents of New Hampshire, US Citizens, could be refugees, or could be permanent residents of the US who have lived there for more than five years. The program provides free health care or subsidized health care for uninsured children below the age of 19 years. The level of coverage is dependent on the child's family income. However, the family income should not go beyond 400% of the federal poverty level.

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The New Hampshire Health Kids program covers a range of health care services. It covers prescription drugs, specialists and office visits, inpatient hospital services, immunizations of the children, home health services, laboratory and X-ray services, eyeglasses with a limitation of the frames available and outpatient services. The program also covers for both inpatient and outpatient Mental Health care and a range of therapies for example, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. It also covers hearing aids and general physician services.

The plan option towards delivery of health care is based on level of income. This is such that children from low income families covers' are provided for through the Department of Health and Human Services. The children from high level income families have a silver program provided for through the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. The NHHK offers coverage for a period of 12 months renewable after the expiry of each period. At renewal, eligibility is reviewed.

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The existence of both Medicaid and the NHHK programs has ensured that the citizens of New Hampshire State access proper health care services irrespective of their financial capabilities. This is because everyone has a right to access proper health care services.

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