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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, the third US President, was the first to be inaugurated in the capital city of Washington, DC on March 4 1801, and the first president to have been a governor. He contended against many opponents during his political career, most of which were influenced by personal jealousies while others by an honest difference of opinion. He was a determined leader who advocated for people's rights, with greater confidence in the wisdom and discretion of people, thus advocated for democracy.

Moreover, his leadership was important in shaping the country's new government, as he was a leading advocate in strict interpretation of the constitution. Besides, he was a good writer and was among those chosen to write the Declaration of Independence. He also wrote the history of American Revolution which he believed highly determined the future of United States and, ultimately, the rest of the world, thus safeguarding his own posthumous reputation and the legacy of the Revolution from the false and perverted histories promulgated by his federalist adversaries and personal enemies (Cogliano, 2006, p.45).

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Nevertheless, Jefferson was an acknowledged expert in America and was consulted by some French intellectuals when they wrote about the United States, whereby he sought to influence them in the way they viewed his country and its revolution through the information and advice he provided to writers who sought the benefit of his expertise. On the other hand, Jefferson greatly promoted the work of American writers who lived through the Revolution in sharing his expertise (Cogliano, 2006, p.44).

As part of his accomplishments in office, he purchased the Louisiana Territory from France which doubled the size of United States, and maintained American neutrality in the conflict between France and Great Britain that led to the war of 1812. He actually worked tirelessly to keep his country from Napoleon wars (Cogliano, 2006, p.252). Finally, Jefferson founded the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, accomplishments for which he wished to be remembered with. Altogether, Jefferson Thomas' influence was attributed to his personal attributes of being faithful, grateful and his accomplishments.

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