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The Life of Jesus

The life of Jesus is the history. It is an important part of history by which the majority of the world population was revolutionized from the paganism to the real and true belief. People began to have a religion founded on the Divine Unity, the Trinity, and the Incarnation of the Son of God. Jesus was born at Nazareth, a small town of Galilee, which was just an insignificant small town before his birth. All his life he was designated by the name of "the Nazarene," and it is only by a rather embarrassed and roundabout way. The name of Jesus was a very common name, but, his ardent natures never brought himself to see aught of chance in what concerns him. God has regulated everything for him, and he saw a sign of the supreme will in the most insignificant circumstances. He proceeded from the ranks of the people. His father Joseph and his mother Mary were people in humble circumstances, artisans living by their labor, in the state so common in the East, which is neither ease nor poverty. The extreme simplicity of life in such countries, by dispensing with the need of comfort, renders the privileges of wealth almost useless, and makes everyone voluntarily poor. We see the streets where he played when a child, in the stony paths or little crossways which separate the dwellings. The house of Joseph doubtless much resembled those poor shops, lighted shop, by the door, serving at once for kitchen, and bedroom, having for furniture a mat, some cushions on the ground, one or two clay pots, and a painted chest (Ernest Renan 1995). Gradually, Jesus became more and more imperious and exclusive; Jesus proceeded henceforth with a kind of fatal impassibility in the path marked out by his astonishing genius and the extraordinary circumstances in which he lived. Being a strong and vibrant youth he came to his public life around the age of thirty. That is where his active life begins. His ministry of salvation begins.

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An Eventful Life

Jesus Public life in fact began with the baptism from John the Baptist. John the Baptist's career precedes that of Jesus. John attracted a following as he preached the imminent arrival of God's kingdom. John baptized people to wash away their sins. Jesus was neither a rival preacher nor John's disciple. Perhaps out of courtesy to John, he did not begin his own ministry until after John was arrested. Jesus did allow John to baptize him. As Jesus emerged from the water, some saw the heavens open up and the Spirit of God descend upon Jesus like a dove. A voice from heaven said: "Thou art my Son, my Beloved; on thee my favor rests." (Mark 1: 10-11) This is when Jesus received the call to be the Messiah. Jesus began his active mission when he heard about John’s arrest. He recruited a number of disciples. Twelve of them were chosen to be with him as his close disciples. Then Jesus, accompanied by his band of followers, walked around Galilee, teaching in the synagogues, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and curing whatever illness or infirmity there was among the people ... and sufferers from every kind of illness, racked with pain, possessed by devils, epileptic, or paralyzed, were all brought to him, and he cured them.

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The crowds of people moved Jesus to seek help in ministering to their needs. He decided to send the twelve disciples in pairs to visit towns in Israel. He gave them authority to perform miracles and cures. The disciples were to preach the message: "The kingdom of Heaven is upon you." They were to cure people without charging money. They were to live on the hospitality of communities which they visited. Jesus warned that this mission would be difficult. The disciples might be arrested, flogged, and perhaps even killed. "When you are persecuted in one town, take

Life of Jesus 4 refuge in another, “Jesus said; "I tell you this: before you have gone through all the towns of Israel the Son of Man will have come" (Matthew 10: 23). The sending out, in fact, was a formation for those who were chosen by him to continue his mission to all the ends of the world. After they were instructed they went to the mission, while Jesus himself continued to preach and work miracles. Meanwhile the john’s disciples informed him that the john had been beheaded. A short time later, the disciples returned from their mission. They told Jesus about their experiences. The Gospel of Luke reports: The seventy-two came back jubilant. In your name, Lord,' they said, 'even the devils submit to us’. However the death of John the Baptist had brought about some changes in the work of Jesus, just as john’s baptism had given a start for Jesus pubic life.

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Jesus' career centers in the spreading awareness of his Messianic identity. While Jesus knew it from the start, the disciples gradually learned Jesus' secret. Jesus took Peter, James, and John with him on a mountain where they witnessed the Transfiguration. They saw Jesus there with Moses and Elijah, and heard a voice from heaven identifying Jesus as "my Son". In a conversation six days later, Peter told Jesus and the other disciples that Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus did not deny it. On a third occasion, Judas Iscariot, who was one of the twelve disciples, told the High Priest that Jesus considered himself the Messiah. The stage was set for his accusation on charges of blasphemy (What Jesus was Thinking?). There at this moment Jesus was facing a great lot of opposition from the religious leaders and elders of the society, but his concern was being alone with the disciples, as he needed to prepare them for the important events to follow.

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Jesus went to Jerusalem to be crucified, die, and rise again in accordance with scripture. He thereby fulfilled conditions necessary for the Kingdom of God to arrive. He hatched no earthly plot to take over the government. Jesus had the people on his side, while, Jewish religious authorities were on the other side. Pontius Pilate exercised military control on behalf of Rome. Pilate’s compliance to the Jewish authorities never looked like a consent. The got him to execute Jesus. It was nine o'clock in the morning when the Roman soldiers brought Jesus to a place called Golgotha and fastened him to a wooden cross. Jesus died about o’clock in the after noon. This is in fact an out line of Jesus human life on this earth.

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The second phase of Jesus life on this starts with the glorious rising of Jesus. On the morning of third day, when the Sabbath was over, a violent earthquake occurred and an angel descended from heaven. This angel sitting next to Jesus' grave, told the two women, who came to visit Jesus’ tomb, that Jesus' body was no longer in the tomb. He has been raised from the dead. This is the historical account of Jesus life.

Significant extracts

During the course of this incarnated life ‘in His own person He was lifting humanity to new levels; giving in the most actual and concrete sense new life, a new direction of movement, to “the world” – the world for man being, of course, no more and no less than the total content of his consciousness. The “revelation” then made was not merely moral or religious; it was in the strictest sense biological’ (Evelyn Underhill 2004). He was in every sense inviting the humanity for a life respect and dignity. Every event in the Life of Jesus was important in every respect as it was designed as a part of the mission of deliverance. The most important event of his life could be termed as the transfiguration. It can be considered as his reason for incarnation. Changing the past and connecting it with the future, making the humanity a viable continuation of the true God’s chosen People. He just with the example of his transfiguration showed and taught us the importance of submission and commitment to God’s will. He emphasized this abandons into the hands of God in every simple miracle he performed. When disciples approached him saying Lord they have nothing to eat He asked them ‘what do you have?’ and ‘bring it to me’. To me these words tell me that whatever may be your situation, bring me all that you have, and I will take care of it. A God who lives only for us. 

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