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Bulimia Nervosa

The experiment was conducted to fulfill two major objectives. First, the experiment aimed at discovering general indictors of the persistence of bulimic psychology by centering on the variables associated with clinical studies on result indicators. Secondly, the experiment aimed at assessing the particular hypotheses that are a result of the cognitive-behavioral theory of persistence. Bulimia nervosa is a general cause of psychiatric morbidity in infants.

The researchers carried out their experiment on one hundred and two women who had been diagnosed with the bulimia nervosa. Most of them were aged twenty years and above. At the time of their recruitment, the largest percentage had not been receiving any treatment for their disorder. They were recruited for a community based case-control research on risk issues for the growth of bulimic condition. The group was then contacted at an interval of fifteen months for a period of five years. At the end of the five year session, ninety two members of the group were interviewed. Twenty one members of the group were given treatment for their eating disorder during the follow-up period.

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The researchers managed to get a number of findings from the experiment. The following parameters were measured, results of eating disorders, general psychiatric symptoms, self esteem, social adjustment as well as personal and family history indicator factors. Figures for persistence in bulimia nervosa among the participants were classified as follows. Thirty nine of them were remitted; forty five were persistent while eighteen women were not classified in this method. In order to assess hypotheses linked to cognitive-behavioral theory of persistence, the researchers carried out multiple regression analyses in relation to the change values. As a result, change scores were formulated for levels of nutritional moderation and the rate of recurrence of binge eating. Results showed that the relationship between these factors was non-significant.

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The results were in congruence with those from former experiments on the same issue. It implies that the correlation between the degree of evaluation of body shape and weight to variation in the rate of recurrence of binge eating was influenced by the intensity of dietary constraint. The results from the analyses correspond to the cognitive-behavioral theory of persistence of the disorder. This implies that the mechanisms proposed by the theory control the longer term usual course of the disorder.

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