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Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street movement is a de facto and unofficial people powered movement which is fighting against the corrosive power of the United States government. The movement is greatly inspired by the popular uprising in Egypt and Tunisia, and seeks to expose the domination of the rich and their unfair practices in the economy. The movement is however organized by a non-binding consensus formed in a collective people’s assembly as a decision making tool. The movement objective is to return United States back into the individual citizen’s hands.

I am in full support of the motion that the movement seeks to change the U.S tax policy which is discriminative in nature. Since the enactment of George Bush tax cut in the year 2003, the poor and the medium income earners have continued to pay more compared to the rich. And since the government only pretends to be against it, while it continues to support such unfair tax policies, the movement will effectively air grievances of the common citizens who suffer the burden (Krugman 234). The U.S national debt grew enormously between the year 2001 and 2008. This can be attributed to the tax cut and the military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The budgeted government expenditure during President Bush era was estimated at 19.9% while the tax cut lowered the tax revenue to 17.9%.

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According to the economists, the tax cut which was intended to stimulate the U.S economy and defense expenditure only benefited the rich at the expense of the lower and middle class. The move shifted the tax burden away from the high income earners and capital owners to the wage earning low and middle class (Mishel, Jared & Sylvia 134). Considering the fact that the wealthy class is made up of 1% while the middle and lower class make the other 99%, it’s quite unfair to implement such a tax policy. The policy just widens the gap between the rich and the poor since it favors the wealthy class more.

The wealthy class uses the policy to reap unfairly on their high incomes, while middle and low income earners stood to gain nothing. The tax cut still remains too large to the rich and too expensive to bear to the middle and low class earners (Pear Para 5). The government has therefore continued to depend much on debt in servicing their budget. This puts our future at stake as we are required to pay off these debts. The growing power for the Occupy Wall Street movement is therefore playing a vital role in advocating for an equitable tax policy for all. The policy should be proportionate with people’s income in order to ensure equality. The wealthy class should be taxed more compared to the low and middle income earners who are still struggling to survive (Johnston Para 6).

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The eminent popularity of the movement throughout the U.S has the power and capacity to influence the government into amending these inequalities. Bearing in mind 2012 is an election year, and the great force contained in the Occupy Wall Street movement, policy makers will have no choice rather than to cooperate with their suggestions. But it’s a pity to have the U.S been forced to adopt some policy changes like the Arab countries, despite their democratic claim. But since us, the majority has no option, other than to force change to our government, we will fight until the last minute.

I therefore urge my worthy opponent to cross the floor and join us in proposing this motion that “Occupy Wall Street movement will effectively change the tax policy system in the United States of America.

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