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Recycling is considered as one of the fundamental aspects that contribute to sustainment of a friendly environment. Indeed, this is true as the recycling behavior enables effective and efficient means of solid waste management. However, individual recycling behavior contributes to the general environment greenness. Without doubt, different individuals have different opinions and perspectives based on their use of recycled products. This became more significant through an interview that I carried out in order to get the different views of four students on the use of recycled materials in their day to day lives.

An interview with a student, who is a young female brought up in a suburban setup revealed a lot of information on her perceptions on how the use of recycled materials was more beneficial in terms of its contribution to conserve the environment from degradation. According to her, a majority of the households contributed to increase in dumping site that oversaw insufficient solid waste management as they dump reusable goods as long as they are satisfied with its use. Plastic container's disposal specifically is what worries her as she believes that individuals should use them for other suitable uses within the house rather than dumping them carelessly. In her perspective, it is a collective responsibility which results from the use of recycled materials that led to sustainable green environment.

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Another young female student from who was born and brought up in an urban locality had a totally different perception as compared to the student number one. According to her, use of recycled materials was relatively a bother as it caused stacking of a lot of things that one might not use for the longest period of time. As a result, the house became stuffed up with recyclable materials that are not necessary. On the contrary, she appreciated the use of recycled tissue papers and variety of papers used while studying. The third student I interviewed was a young male student from the rural whereabouts where he was brought up in until recently when he gained admission to the university. In his perspective, the use of recycled materials is totally different in the urban areas. This is because in the city, a lot of reusable materials are being dumped around, which according to him is due to lack of waste management. He believes that just like in the rural set up where everything is considered critical until it cannot be reused should be applied in the urban areas.

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An interesting perspective of the different opinions and views was from a young male student aged 19 years from the city. According to him, as long as he had the money to buy new things he would not bother himself to reuse recyclable materials as he found the recycling of materials especially containers more degrading. Without doubt, he clearly portrayed an attitude that was totally against the environment sustainability. He opted to use more of new things rather than recycled ones as they looked cheaper.

Through the interview, I was able to learn that depending on individual upbringing especially set determines someone’s ability to choose whether to use recycled materials or not. According to some of the students, it is shocking that instead of looking at the positive perspective, they are majoring on the social class and prestige in search for expensive goods that are not recyclable.

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As it is through a collective effort that the use of recycled materials ensures that resources are conserved, and environmental pollution cases are reduced significantly through achievement of waste minimization. I would encourage the students that the various contributions and merits of everybody’s applied behavior analysis in recycling will act as a way of encouraging pro-environment behaviors, which play an essential role. In the long run, the collective efforts of different individuals will play a greater role in the protection of the environment from degradation.

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