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Mise-en-scene is a term meaning the placement of all that appears in the framing-lighting, décor, actors, costumes and prop in a film. The mise-en-scene of a movie also constitutes the camerawork and frame. The creation of a movie involves many professionals, though the director is the one concerned with overseeing the entire mise-en-scene and all its elements. During the early stages of pre-production, the director sits with other parties-the prop masters, costume designers, scenic artists and location managers to determine the feel and look intended.

The Blue Angel was the first German talkie and is the film that made Marlene Dietrich rise to international stardom. It is a reminiscent story with Emil Jannings playing a man who is to be driven to ruin by a cabaret singer, a treacherous woman of loose morals called Lola Lola. The film has a plot that intensifies the effect created by double images. For instance, we see contradictory tension in professor Rath’s character by driving him in two different directions at the same time. Lola Lola, in particular, appears in multiple mirror images frequently. Her identity too divides between the compulsions of her ungoverned desires and the desire to be approved by a respectable man.

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Artwork is also present in this film. He uses new technologies, especially sound to enhance characterization. One of the art used is music. The film was the first to launch the song ‘Falling in love again’, a song that has stood strong just as in the movie. The film opens with Lola’s image on a poster advert, thus displaying the female image and securing her cinematic identity. The poster displays Lola with her head tilted towards one side, her hands on her hips, and legs spread apart. This provocative pose is so open and inviting. This image evokes the imagination in which desires and wishes the director will and then reflected back to the spectators.

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