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North Korea

1)Recent developments in north Korea 200 years

Recent development in North Korea over the last two hundred years have been very major including the splitting up of Korea by the two superpowers because they could not agree on the conditions of North Koreas independence hence North and South Korea were formed.

In the late 1800 and early 1900 the Korean Empire saw partially triumphant modernization of the economy, education, systems military and various industries (Bruce, 1976 pg 46). Tens of thousands of men were recruited into military while millions were drafted for jobs. Half a million laborers died during the war and women and girls were forced into sexual slavery.

The traditional Korean culture suffered greatly as the cultural artifacts were destroyed or taken by the Japanese people. Currently the artifacts are found as private collections and in museums in Japan. By the end of the World War II great levels of emigrants to and from other countries especially Japan was enormous.

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2)List any environmental issues North Korea is facing

There are major issues that are currently facing North Korea, they include:

  • Deforestation: over-cutting of trees by the Japanese colonialists and poor reforestation methods is greatly affecting the people of North Korea.
  • Soil erosion and degradation: North Korea produces great amounts of organic pollutants and green house emissions which in turn affect their land production and demean their environment as a result it causes acid rain which has adverse effects on the people.
  • Water pollution: there is great water pollution which is caused by the untreated sewages that run into piped water hence polluting.
  • Inadequate supplies of portable water: there is no adequate supply of fresh portable water in North Korea. They get their water from rivers, streams, underground aquifers and lakes which do not provide fresh water.
  • Water-borne diseases: water-borne diseases are brought about by the disposal of waste from sewers which discharge untreated sewage into surface waters especially during the rainfall seasons.

3)Major human migrates in and out and the reason and explain why they occur

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The major human emigrants in North Korea include residents from the neighboring countries such as China, Russia and Japan. They moved to china due to civil wars or in search of food or as casual laborers.

The major human emigrants out of North Korea consist of refugees who are driven out of North Korea by hunger and they become refugees in China. Contract workers who have been sent abroad by the government to go and work in other different countries are also other emigrants from North Korea. They are sent to countries such as China and Russia. Other major emigrants from North Korea are food migrants these are the people who moved from North Korea in search of food they mostly left for china.

4)Regions within North Korea

The major regions in North Korea include Pyongyang which is the both the largest and capital city of North Korea with the highest population of around 500,000 people.

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Nampo is another region with a population of around 455,000 people with agriculture being the main cultural activity.

 Hamhung is the capital city of Hangyong province in the eastern central of North Korea with a population density of around 30000 people.

 Kaesng is on the southwest side of North Korea and it is an industrial region.

 Sinuiju has a population of around 352,000 it is a trade palace.

5)Which natural region is North Korea part of and why

The North and the South of Korea were initially part one region they were both natural parts of Japan until the late 1800 and early 1900. This is because they were both colonies of Japan. The formation of North Korea began when Japan imposed its rules over Korea to counteract this Korea and Chinese formed an alliance and fought against the Japanese and defeated it in 1945 by that time the World War II had taken effect in Korea . Kim II sung who by that time the central government declared that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea/North Korea was established and that is how North Korea was formed.

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