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Indiana Police

Motor carrier inspector

Indiana state police is a professional organization that serves its citizens able to apprehend and inspect vehicles. Motor carrier inspectors in Indiana enforce state and federal regulations that pertain to commercial motor vehicles that ply the state to ensure that they are operating in a safe manner. They check the registration of commercial vehicles, inspects permits and check insurance coverage. They also perform rout inspections of transport motor carriers by checking licenses and tax coverage. The troopers are usually found in such places like patrolling the county to detect and apprehend criminal and traffic violators, investigating vehicle crashes, directing or controlling traffic at disaster scenes/ accident spots, rendering first aid to accident victims, transporting emergency medical aid, conducting criminal investigations or assisting investigations with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations (Indiana State Police).

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Benefits of having motor insurance

In Indiana estate, owning a vehicle is synonymous to owning an insurance policy for the vehicle. It is a requirement by the law to comply with owning vehicle insurance. The major benefit of vehicle insurance is that it provides an economic safety net for people especially in hard economic times as there is no room for emergency situations. Usually, in case of an accident, ones accounts can be easily drained and therefore insurance comes in handy. Insurance is vital in protecting against the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle itself in the event of an accident. Full car coverage pays auto crash injuries, repair of damaged cars in crashes and others involved in an accident. Other benefits include payment for travel expenses when the vehicle is damaged or stolen, medical payments and even funeral expenses if accident results in death, payment for towing a wrecked vehicle in case of an accident, payment of glass breakage repair (Hidden Benefits of Car Insurance).

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