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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a key figure in transforming technology industry to greater heights through innovation that simplified not only computer application but also phone industry. The innovative nature and capacity to introduce remarkable products in technology are core aspect that Jobs will be remembered for. Though Jobs’ early life seemed unexciting and lack vibrancy his contribution and prosperity are evident in technology industry. Notably, Jobs was adopted at a tender age and realized this in his later twenties. Through the news were humiliating and discouraging, he never lost his focus or ambitions in life. In addition, Jobs was a dropout from Reed College after only one semester of study.

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Jobs optimistic and dynamic altitude toward his dreams is evident in different scenarios, in his life. Notably, in order to finance his project with his partner (Wozniak) he had to sell his Volkswagen bus. Also, Jobs remained focused even after resigned from Apple based on internal difference (A&E Television Networks, Para 3 /4). However, through his vibrant approach he returned and served as Apple’s CEO till his death. Steve Jobs life highlights not only prosperity but also hardships and dynamic altitude to achievement regardless of the odds.

Early life

Steve Jobs was born in 1955 by two graduates; Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali. Jobs’ father Jandali was Syrian native and a professor of political science. On the other hand, his mother Joanne was therapist who had specialist in speech. However, they give Jobs for adoption before naming him and later got married.  The issue of adoption became apparent to Jobs at an age of 27 when he gathered concrete information of his real parents. His adoption parents, Clara and Paul Jobs, were also residents of California but on the Mountain View side.

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His father Paul introduced Jobs to electronics in the family garage. Paul gave Jobs a helping hand in dismantling and assembling electronics in the garages. This contributed to a large part in becoming a confident boy in dealing with electronic appliances. Jobs prowess in the field of electronic was highly enhanced by the support he constantly received from his father Paul. However, Jobs’ life in formal education involved disappointment especially to his tutors. Though he was bright and a thinker in the innovative world, Jobs formal education was not consistent.  For instance, one of his teachers had to bribe him to ensure that he studied in the elementary. However, while in high school Jobs spent his leisure working at HP where he met his partner Steve Wozniak. In this case, it is evident that the foundation Jobs received from his father on electronics coupled with working at HP was instrumental in shaping his destiny.

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Founding apple, departing apple and Jobs return to apple

Jobs joined Reed College shortly after high school education but later dropped after the first semester. However, in 1976 Jobs together with Wozniak started apple computer after selling their personal belonging to gather funds to initiate the venture. The two introduced new products in the industry that reflected in demands of the customers (A&E Television Networks Para 8). In addition, the duo simplified application of technology to suit the changing demands of customers in different parts of America. Their fundamental aspects were making technology machine convenient in size, affordable and available to customers with discrimination. The company grew in size and sales, 1980 the venture became a publicly traded organization. From this perspective, Jobs innovative nature and his ability to focus on development contributed to the establishment of Apple.

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However, Apple sales declined based on based their product’s quality and poor design. This culminated to extensive recalls of products. In addition, the customers were frustrated by the company and avoided their products. On the other hand, IBM captured the market and overcame Apple in the market. Release of Macintosh in 1984 failed suppresses IBM superiority in the industry. This resulted to division in the management and the executive planned on phasing Jobs out. The following year Jobs resigned and began a new hardware and software venture. In 1986, he purchased Pixar Animation Studios, which merged with, Disney in 2006. Though Jobs faced opposition in a company he founded, and developed he resigned but remained composed. However, in 1997 Jobs returned to Apple Company as the CEO. After his return to the company, he managed to transform it greater heights and capture the attention of customer around the globe through innovative product designs.  For instance, iMac is one the core product that enabled the company to reclaim its glory in innovative and broadening its market share.

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Pancreatic cancer

In 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with a form of pancreatic cancer. In response, Job chose to alter his diet rather than surgery.  Job postponed surgery for more than seven times, which made Apple, directors worried. According to the executive team, at Apple, stockholders would pull off from the company if they knew the CEO was sick. However, in 2004 Jobs underwent a successful operation but tumor continued to form in the following years but rarely disclosed on his health. On 5th October 2011, Steve Jobs, died after a long struggle with cancer.


Jobs life involved not only prosperity but also challenges and ability to confidently focus on his ambitions. The various stages of his life highlight his capacity to remain on track toward creating a renowned business empire in the technology world. The vibrant, confident approach and innovative products he introduced in technology portray his contributions to the industry. Though Jobs is dead, his innovations and products continue to influence the lives of many around the globe.

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