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Reading Summarize of the Chapter

There are various important factors that contribute toward my major, career choice, past class and work experiences that were learned from this chapter. To begin with, documents that address an audience are normally made with an aim of achieving a particular goal. As such, I have learned from this chapter that the documents on policies or products that are directed to particular audience must meet certain standards that would elevate the benefits that such an audience acquire from the policy or product that is being presented to them. In this regard, to succeed in communicating with my audience, I need to focus on stirring up intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation.

As a result of this, learning more on various issues and factors that assist in integrating the audience's feelings with the features of the products is the most important approach toward enhancing the satisfaction or rather the benefits of the audience. Essentially, one has to understand the needs of the audience as well as their feelings and fears. In addition to this, one has to realize specific features that would be able to meet these needs and induce confidence among the audience members. When the above factors have been identified, it would be important to create a balance point where both the features of the products, and the needs and fears of the audience are integrated to correlate well.

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In this context, one needs to acquire experience on how to deal with small audiences. After mastering the tactics of satisfying small audiences, the lessons that are learned or rather the experience that is acquired is then be applied on a large or rather multiple audiences. In this respect, learning how to integrate product or policy feature with the audience should begin from a specific point towards the general point. For instance, one should begin by satisfying an audience of two people before moving on to five people and so on, rather than beginning from a multiple audience to a specific audience.

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