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Statement of Purpose

In the recent past, it occurred to me that in life, the decisions an individual makes significantly impacts him/her, as well as others. Lately, I have been debating within myself on the path that I have taken in my education since I was young to date. At the center of my evaluation lies my strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and passion in deciding whether further pursue of education will assure me success and satisfaction in the future. I now feel that my dream of settling for an MBA has come true. I give credit to the university that I have been teaching for granting me a scholarship to advance my studies to a higher level. The University accorded me a chance to study Masters and PHD in United States of America. I believe that the range of personal experiences coupled up with the interest I have in management will no doubt supplement my MBA program.

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My honors bachelors' degree in Business Administration that I acquired in 2009 from the university, the passion that I have hatched since I was in high school of studying management, and working as a teacher assistant in the university motivated me to work towards being a professor. Management involves a lot of complex issues, but the experiences that I have gathered so far will propel me towards achieving my goals. The reason driving me towards becoming a professor is because I believe that the career is the best ever. This is because it will give me an opportunity to teach studies related to my majors, also accord me the chance to give back to the society through impacting positively on the lives of people. Since I was a child, I have yearned for a profession in which I will give back to the society what I have reaped from it. I have already started practicing it through my parents whom we spend most of the time with giving me a chance to help them. It, however, appears that a profession in teaching as a professor will give me another opportunity to give back.

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The bachelor's degree in Business administration coupled with the passion I have in management will form the basis of my pursuing masters and PhD in management. I have no doubt that I will succeed in acquiring a master's degree and a PhD in management because of the diversity of my activities and interest, also a strong inspiration to forge a brilliant future.

Besides the passion I have to studying, I also engage in Extra Curricular activities such as swimming, volleyball, tennis, and chess. I also like engaging in outdoor sports such as water ski and ski diving. These kinds of sports play a vital role in my life since I can connect with them. For instance, the challenging sports allow me to try out new things with planning and studying how to do it perfectly.

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Moreover, I enjoy the family atmosphere especially spending time with my parents and helping them. As a student, I also did many researches in groups which alongside the university life gave me a lot of experiences. Besides that, I actively participated in volunteer works in which I served as a leader in two of the projects. In the leadership roles, I learned several things, which include how to deal with the government system and how to prepare projects. The latter involves activities such as planning, organizing among others. It also gave me an opportunity to link problems together and come up with their solutions. I guess this also shaped my interest in pursuing further studies in management.

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