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During our lifetimes, it is vital that we have a mentorship relationship. A mentorship relationship is essential because it recognizes the value of maintaining and networking throughout our lives. The value of having a good mentorship relationship is essential for one to develop positive morals in life. Usually an older person who is more experienced is tasked with the responsibility of guiding another person's development without personal gains. The work of a mentorship relationship is therefore to offer mentoring services to another individual either in a family, personal, educational and general life settings. In normal circumstances, mentorship relationships involve a mentor or mentors. A mentor can therefore be referred to as a wise, loyal coach or advisor.

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Since I was born, my father has been a great mentor in my life and I am who I am today because of the mentorship relationship my father has developed with me. Sometimes, I fail to totally comprehend how I can describe my father and the mentorship roles that he has played in my life. Given the fact that my father is a positive thinker, he always encourages me never to give up when I feel low in my life.

There were times I felt like the whole world was crumbling on me but luckily, my father stood with me and gave me the necessary support and encouragement for me to rise up again and move on. When I sometimes feel like the world has been so unfair to me and therefore feel like fighting people around me physically, my father could calmly advice me on the needed of always doing the right thing to maintain my integrity. Such a kind of a mentorship relationship has enabled me to overcome hard situations.

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My father proved to be the best mentor in my life when at one time; I failed my final high school examinations and thought that was the end of the world for me. Could it not have been for my father's sharp and effective mentorship relationship and skills, I could have been suffering somewhere in oblivion and in fact; I could not be where I am right now. My father kindly and politely advised me never to give up in life and never to call it quits. He guided me in a fatherly manner and advised me to go back to school so that I can make myself a name on this world. My father even went further and gave me examples of some of the greatest and most successful people in the world that had failed at first but gave it a second chance and emerged winners. With such a kind of support and advice, my father beat sense in me and in all incidences; truth could dawn on me and see myself rejuvenated with new life once again.

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In the short story "Lesson" by Toni Cade Bambara, Mrs. Moore characters are more than funny for her neighbors in the apartment and therefore through the mentorship relationship developed over a period of time. Through the mentorship relationship that has been developed through regular interaction by her neighbors, Mrs. Moore finally learns the art of being clean and smart not only to her self but also to her child. The mentorship relationship has helped Mrs. Moore to adjust her life by learning from other people within the society. The mentorship relationships are therefore vital in the lives of every human being and they help individuals to adjust and head in the right direction. The short story clearly depicts how mentoring relationships are very important in the day today lives of human beings.

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Care should however be taken when choosing a mentorship relationship. Since mentors are tasked with the responsibility of giving guidance and direction to people under their care, their selection should be approached with caution and many factors considered before they can be assigned people under their care because they may either use the chance for their own gains or use it to help another individual. People who succeed through mentoring relationships should not hesitate to appreciate their mentors and give them credit where it is due.

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