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Big Rocks

Stephen Covey's video "putting the big rocks first" is about the importance of prioritizing one's time. It depicts each day as being an empty jar which someone can easily fill with gravel or little pebbles which can waste one's time. To me this can imply the time I waste to browse the internet and do an over analysis of the email messages I have send to my friends. Putting the rocks first suggest that one should not fill the jar with pebbles first since it will be difficult to fill in the rocks. This means that we should always prioritize our time with more vital things which need our urgent attention then later deal with the small things.

My big rocks in life include pursuing my academic qualifications in order to get the highest academic papers on this earth. However, watching a lot of movies on television and hanging out with my friends during my free time have always stood in my way as I try to successfully manage my big rocks. It will therefore be crucial for me to put the big rocks first in my jar and then use the pebbles to fill the gaps around the big rocks. By saying so, I mean I should first of all concentrate on my studies to achieve my academic success, then friends and watching movies can come later on in life.

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The concept of filling the jar with big rocks has enabled me to determine what my big rocks are. To me, my big rock is my academic pursuit of knowledge and this means I value reading in order to achieve good academic papers. My other big rocks in life include going to church and praying to God to sustain my life. Even though some other good things compete for my time, I will try to fill in my jar the big rocks before I fill in the small pebbles. I will integrate this concept in my life by choosing what is good and what is best for me.

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