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My main motive of taking this course is to become a professional writer because I am a bad writer. A career in writing can only be attained through pursuing a good writing course like the one I am undertaking right now. By undertaking a course in writing, I will be in position to write an effective resume which will help me venture into the professional world with the much needed confidence I deserve. The writing course will therefore enable me to write a good resume that will land me on a job interview and ultimately on the right job. Taking a course in writing will also help me to be a professional writer who is well informed with the professional writing slang and some few well placed "big words" and effectively communicate in writing.

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I want to be a renowned writer in the whole world and as such, I will pay close attention to the lecturers' attention and do any assignments promptly. I have in the past done some writings which were applauded by colleagues in class but sometimes, some naughty friends wanted to discourage me against pursuing a course in writing. My writing process before I embarked on this course was thus affected by this weakness.

Taking a course in writing is vital for me because it will give me a platform to convey my ideas with a lot of clarity, make persuasive arguments, summarize my major points, communicate research findings and be in a good position to write for particular audiences. All my life, I have believed my strength to be that I will always struggle no matter how hard it is to achieve what I aspire in life. My ambition since childhood has always been to pursue a course in writing and therefore once I have embarked on it, there is no turning back until I achieve my objective. However, I sometimes get distracted from doing what I have embarked on doing by friends who need my company each and every time. To ensure that I become a professional writer, I will struggle to overcome this weakness by advising my friends to keep off and give me more time for my studies.

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