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Exceptional Circumstances

This article seeks to give information to the university about exceptional circumstances such as socio-economic standing, educational goals, cultural background, employment, race or ethnicity, personal experiences and hardships and other additional information. The information provided as an international applicant, is to inform the office of admission about the goals, reason for the major chosen, and the reason for applying is to the chosen university. This will be by the support of the life history and history learning experiences, which prepared the applicant for the US learning environment.

I was born in the year 1993, in China, and at two and half years, my family relocated to Canada. Therefore, my early education was in Canada, a country outside my native home. Three years my father got an appointment to work in china and the whole family had to go back to china. This meant change of school as it was necessary the family moves with him, as he is the sole breadwinner. The education systems between these two countries varies a lot and having stayed in Canada and getting the foundational knowledge of Canada it was challenging adapting to the new system in China. The move to China only lasted for nine years as my father made another move to Atlanta where he had started his business. In nine years time, I had already adapted the China education system and another move meant a change of the education system. In the last ten years, I had to transfer to six schools because of the inconsistent jobs of my dad as he worked from city to city.

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This transfer of schools from time to time was challenging to me as different schools use different education systems and settling in a different school was equally hard. My father feels guilty for the pressure I got from my constant change of schools as this meant having unstable study environment throughout my life. International change of schools affected my school performance to an extend that it took me one year to jump out from ESOL class to through on-level English class. The most challenging experiences I had to undergo were language barriers and culture shock. China and these other countries use different languages for their education systems, and this was hard. I had to learn English to be able to adapt to the education system of the United States. The cultures of these two regions vary and having stayed in China for more than five years, I had already adapted the culture of China.

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As much as my parents feel guilty for my unstable study environment I believe it prepared me for the learning environment of the US. It has taken the time for me to adapt to the education system of America, and my performance has improved tremendously. For the last three years, my classes have improved, and I have received four Honour Rolls and was listed on the Principal’s list. Despite the challenges in my unstable study environment, I was elected as president of school Ping Club that has over 140 registered members. My achievement in this post was the organization of two statewide Table Tennis tournaments. These experiences in different study environments have helped me in overcoming so many obstacles through my consistent effort and continued to improve academically. Through my past education occurrences, I believe I can handle any situation, and things as the language barrier and culture will not be an obstacle in my academic life. I can comfortably socialize and engage in activities with different people without feeling out of place. My relation with other people has immensely improved, and this will enable me to easily settle in the college without any obstacles. The experiences have tempered my power of will I have become more mature and believe I will benefit from my distinct undergoing. With my multicultural background, I believe I have built myself in the US learning environment.

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