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My Passion

At the age of eight is when I realized I loved creating new things this passion continued to grow from then on and never stopped.  I used to dismantled or destroyed toys to find out what was inside and reassembled them again or used parts of spoilt toys to make others.  This was the beginning of my zeal towards car making.  It was boosted with my brother Abood who also has the same kind of passion and working together with him we attempted several times to make a boat engine which we succeeded on the third trial.  My father an electric engineer also has played a great role in nurturing this passion.  They both liked talking about engineering and this way I learned more and more about how things could be created from scratch in order to solve a particular problem and in my case it was cars.  On knowing what I wanted to become in future, I started working towards acquiring the right knowledge in order to successful in what I aspired to do in future. 

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How my passion will impact the world

Being a native Saudi Arabian, our culture has restricted us to not exploring the manufacturing world.  We are richly endowed with oil which is the main contributor of the countries income and we have restricted ourselves only in selling oil.  My passion when I start putting it in real action, I would like to turn the culture of depending on oil alone into the culture of manufacturing since oil will become exhausted one day and consequently help improve the lives of the Saudi Arabians.  I will be able to solve transport challenges that are being experience now by coming inventing vehicles that are environment friendly, environmental conservation being one of the world’s major concerns at the moment.  However, my passion will be affected by change of how people do thing nowadays like carpooling or using public transport to cut down fuel expenses incurred by the use of personal vehicles, and also environmental conservation measures in the transport industry where hybrid vehicles will be preferred other than gas powered vehicles.

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Technical knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to convert my passion into a career

I had identified three companies which I would like to be associated with in order for them to help me realize my dreams, they include: Honda, Nissan, and Aramco, however to be employed by them I need skills in areas like; project management and computers, this requires me to know how to run a project from the designs to its completion when it starts running/operating; understanding electronics and automotive electronic circuits, this is required because cars have electric wires that connect the parts in order for it to run, I need to know how to do this on my own even if I will be a supervisor in case of a problem I need to know how to solve it; and being a good designer and able to do installation, these skills are required in order for one to be able to come up with new car designs which are more appealing to the current market and be able to create them practically; and finally have leadership skills, since I might land a position where I need to lead a team, I will be required to have these skills to help me know how to use their strengths in order to achieve a goal, know how to solve problems among them, or give them advice and or supervise them when the need arises and generally be able to manage them.  The identified companies pay their engineers well and since Saudi Arabia does not impose taxes on its citizens the money is good enough for a qualified engineer.

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Non technical knowledge, skills, and abilities I need to make me successful in my job

Apart from the technical skills, I also need non-technical skills like: being keen to details as making cars need someone who does not forget to do other things; I need to be a team player as I will be working with other people; I need to be hardworking which I already am and passionate about cars and the environment which are the two things I would like to combine in order to create environmental friendly cars. Being equipped with the non technical skills is important for me as I will be able to fit well in a team, know peoples strengths and weaknesses in a team and be able to take advantage of their strengths, and also be in a position to lead a team.  My passion and hard work will provide the drive and push that is needed in being efficient and effective at work.

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I love math and creating things, these two things helped my choose mechanical engineering course to help me became what I want to be in future.  This is a study which applies material science and physics for analysis, manufacturing, mechanical systems maintenance, and design.  Mechanical engineers use these in addition to computer skills and management to invent and create a machine that is able to work. My love for math which was aided into what it is by my father, my passion for creation is basically mechanical engineering in simple terms. The design part is going to perfect my skills in designing, systems maintenance will help me learn how to maintain what has been created to last longer during its operational life, manufacturing I will learn how to create what I have designed and other sub-disciplines that will help me have the complete knowledge in mechanical engineering.

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Importance of Whole Life Concept in my career path

The whole life concept has been able to give me a direction or a path in which I need to follow and things I need to do in order to reach my goal.  This assignment helped me get a clearer picture on what to do in order to achieve what I need to.  By knowing what’s my passion and what I would like to become I found out the things I need to do and these included knowing the skills both technical and non technical that I need to acquire. 

Researching on job opportunities made me realize that different organizations require different but related kind of skills.  This helped me identify gaps in my already acquired skills that need to be filled.  I am more than ever determined to pursue my major in mechanical engineering because I have known it is the course that will help me become what I want to be, the disciplines and sub-disciplines are geared towards equipping a person with the needed knowledge.

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In conclusion, my passion has played a great role in helping me choose my career path.  My observation of what I love doing which was working with my hands to create things played a key role in knowing the course that I need to undertake.  Identifying the jobs that I can take up after college made me come to a realization that there are other skills that are not technical that one needs to be equipped with in order to fit in fully in to a job position.  This way I have to build up this skill gap in order to be more competitive in the job market.  It is a competitive world out there and one needs to have a strategy on how he/she will achieve what he/she has set out to do.  I know this is what I want to do and what I will be able to earn is not the driving force behind it rather it is what I will be able to change, or solve, or achieve in the end.         

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