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I am hereby interested in taking a masters program with your good university. This is because I want to focus on both practice and theories of counseling as far as clients’ mental health is concerned. In my future endeavors, I would want to be able to assess clients and also give them solutions to their problem which will consequently empower and promote their ethical behaviour. I have a Bachelors degree in Bachelor of Arts, sociology from the BloomfieldCollege and graduated in the year 2008.

During the tenure of my life in college, I managed to work as an intern with safe and sound centre at UMDNJ in Newark between September 2007 and April 2008 a period within which I provided patients and those many others affected by domestic violence and sexual assault with numberless counseling services and also gained experience on putting patients on schedule for follow-up visits. In addition to that, I collected and gathered statistics for compilation of reports on quarterly basis and finally was given the obligation of sourcing temporary housing for such victims of domestic violence. This opened up my profession and by now I feel that I am equal to the task.

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After that internship, I completed college and proceeded with my career to join EssexCountyRapeCareCenter in Monclair, NJ in May, 2008 where I work part time until now. The duties assigned to me were accompanying survivors to the emergency department in hospital and at the same time responded to numerous calls. I had also to provide information regarding hospital procedures and laws to the survivors of sexual assault and in addition to that, refer them to Family Service League for counseling services. I also participated in outreach events where we were to serve the community in cleaning up the environment.

I have also had a chance to work for Somerset Hills Residential Treatment Ctr where my now my heart feels like I want to live working forever. Among other tasks that I am used to performing, I ensure emotional and mental stability of young males those aged between 9 and 16 that are sick from various physical and mental disabilities that include but no limited to ADHD, Autism and Bipolar disorder. As some type of community service, I also take the responsibility of assisting residents with living skills, homework and self management. Finally, I also attend team treatment plan meeting where we organize for a treatment exercise.

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With this experience I have gained in the field of community counseling, I would wish to advance my professional career in this specialty and learn how behaviour is affected through patient interaction with professionals and family members. I will be obliged to explore methods of making others access guidance and also help them acknowledge the accountability of behaviour. I would also wish to get involved in carrying out research methodology, understand diagnostic practices and also know various treatment techniques that are related to community counseling. To further my field experience, I would want to take more fieldwork or an internship opportunity in other firms in order to gain real life experience while working with clients in group settings.

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The courses I therefore would be interested in include; professional ethics, psychotherapy, group counseling, adult development, mental health counseling, theories of personality and cultural awareness.

While I am aware of these programs that are available in your university under masters program, I am also in the knowledge of how far I can get in my professional career with these courses. I will have boosted my confidence in dealing with and working with community centers, hospitals, other correctional institutions, government agencies and schools. I will also have the expertise and confidence I need in entering private practice and provide other services of counseling to the community members. I am also aware of he positions that I can take afterwards if employed. These include program manager, mental health consultant or even a counselor in group setting.

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Now, specifically I would more so engage myself in drug abuse counseling and school counseling fields of community health. This is because I am so much interested in children and by working with them for a long time, I will acquire the necessary skills and combine them with best practice in order to achieve excellence in the profession. Thereafter in life after working for some years after my masters I will advance my education further up to the time I will acquire doctoral degree in a related field especially counseling. Then I will be licensed to practice on my own.

The challenges I am most likely to face include lack of enough time to complete research methodology and computation of the final result because it is hard to run from a tight time schedule of counseling patients to write reports to submit on time. The second challenge will be that of lack of the proper field to exercise my newly acquired skills. But I will as much as I can to find the best site for this. The third challenge is communication barrier which arises because most of the people I will be dealing with include people with mental disabilities and can’t communicate clearly for me to understand their problems. All these put together present some challenge which I see my self through with the help of a supervisor.

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I will be so much obliged to be given a chance to undertake my masters program with your highly reputable organization.

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