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"Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines." - Robert H.Schuller

I promised myself that I would never set foot on the soccer field again. I got lucky this time but what if I didn’t get lucky next time ? Seeing the tears of my loved ones was devastating and I vowed to myself to never let this happen again, an accident resulting in severe internal injuries and a near death experience. Despite the gruelling rehabilitation I endured, and the anguish I put my family through, I found myself back on the soccer field this fall. You may ask, why? Because though my brain told me not to, I could not betray what my heart told me I needed. This illustrates me as a person of a strong will, ready to overcome any obstacles in pursuing my interests. These interests have become my guidance, navigating me through life in achievement of my goals.

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The financial crisis of 2008 spurred me rather than being cause of alarm. It has introduced me to the financial field. Fuelled by the will to go beyond the red numbers, I was determined to explore the fundamental mechanisms behind it. Lund University offers me this opportunity along with a time-honoured history and prominent position in the Financial Department among its counterparts. It gives me a chance to face new challenges, gain an essential experience, and thus continue my path for excellence.

Not to mention, an impressive opportunity of in-field research, in particular of Dr.Oxelheim’s works, along with the opportunity to enhance my understanding of the interplay between the firm and its macroeconomic environment. Dr. Oxelheim’s findings ignite my passion to direct my studies towards corporate acquisitions, influenced by a paper concerning the determinants of foreign direct investments. If I study under professor Oxelheim, I am certain that I will reach my full potential. Furthermore, I view the environment of competent and ambitious students as a the key to boost my career and intellectual stimulus. In exchange, my passionate interest in finances will enable me to contribute to the quality of education, as I believe that effective learning derives not from a monologue, but a dialogue, which I am ready to enter.

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What are your career ambitions immediately after graduating from the programme? Describe how you plan to achieve these goals. How do you see your career developing over the next five years?

To pursue a career in corporate finance field, particularly in merger and acquisition positions, this programme will qualify me, in future, to reach for these goals. Being aware of the fierce competition in the financial field, I know that the programme itself is no guarantee. Therefore, I will adapt by playing an active role while achieving my goals. Though this is my first-time job position, I view the application to a relevant internship as a safe ground that will gain me an essential practical experience, preferably in the fields of firm valuation and financial modelling. I see myself working as a consultant within five years, assisting

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firm managers with strategic decision making, evaluating potential acquisitions in order to ensure an economic stability inthe firm. After graduation, I plan to attend consultancies, banks or multinational companies with their own corporate finance department. I will participate and assist in various projects, thus advancing my role in order to later on attain the project leader positions.

Please tell us your current overall grade point average, the average for your major/specialisation and your position in class. Please list the courses you have taken and that you consider to be particularly relevant preparation for the programme (max four courses), including your grade point average across those courses.

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In school, my ambition is always aiming at excellence, which implies getting the highest marks in all courses. This spring is where I specialize in finance, hence, no grade

information yet. I believe that the knowledge I have gained while studying financial accounting, statistics and economics is a solid ground when applying for the program. Mastering a practical orientation through financial reports is useful, hence, making financial accounting valuable. Furthermore, statistics stimulated my quantitative reasoning and familiarized me to working and the derivation of formulas. The economics studies has taught me the fundamentals of the environment in which firms operate through a macro-perspective.

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Any other matters you wish to draw to our attention relevant for the programme?

In addition to academic excellence, I have a passion for the stock market. I am an active member of”Unga aktiesparare” which is an organization that focuses on advancing the relations between its members and the stock market as well. This has helped me to establish an insight into the Swedish business by meeting the influential guests and participating in various activities. To better my leadership skills, I assisted as a help-coach in a local youth soccer team. It was a challenge to work with the kids from different backgrounds and of varied interests, yet this leadership experience has become useful in broadening my career prospects.

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