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Sara Palin

It is undeniably a great fact that the life history of Sarah Palin and her venture into politics is enigmatic. She took American politics by storm and it is something that people should know about. She exuded calm confidence as she wore the shoes of McCain’s running mate in 2008. Many people say that she is aggressive and has achieved a lot before she came into active politics. She walked hand in hand with her glory and doom, but she managed to be successful in many occasions. At the age of ten, people say that she ‘shot her first rabbit’ in Alaska and was nicknamed “Barracuda” due to her position as a captain and point guard of the basketball team in her school. She also won the Miss Wasilla pageant in 1984. She actually served many positions of politics in Alaska before she was celebrated in her full political career; she became the 11th Governor of Alaska. She is a very strong supporter of the GOP and, therefore, her nomination for the vice president made conservatives motivated and the ultra-conservative ultra-motivated as well (Lede 6-13).

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Sarah Palin broke the ceiling for women in politics and has utilized her popularity well, even though many questions have come up concerning her reliability and knowledge of foreign policy, competence and general ability to work in a position of high political power. All the same, it may not be important to relate her past with what is happening in her life now. Things have changed and for instance, her personal life dealing with basketball star Glen Rice is not important in establishing the kind of person she is. She has truly remained faithful to what she believes in and progressed gradually in a world of politics with a continued elicitation of the American interests. Therefore, she should not be linked to failure of proving her skills in leadership and a number of morally-questionable controversies based in the alleged 1987 story with Glen Rice (Bentley par. 1-4). Her ultimate resignation from the Alaska governor position can be taken as a decision that any other person could take and not necessarily due to the history that lies behind that. Knowing about her past love life is not important compared to her achievements in the public realm.

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